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Advance ETS - Electric Thermal Store

Vented electric thermal store producing mains pressure hot water

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Mains pressure hot water from a vented Electric Thermal Store


Replacement for PULSACOIL

Perfect for flats and apartments. The electrically heated, vented thermal store that creates hot water directly from a mains cold water supply. Totally safe, totally silent.

The ADVANCE ETS cylinder is manufactured from stainless steel. It is a self contained Thermal Store that quietly converts cold mains water to hot mains pressure water in an instant when you open a tap.

Only requiring a cold water feed and an electrical supply, the ETS cylinder is ideal for apartments and flats where it is impossible to achieve a decent head of water, rendering traditional gravity hot water systems useless.

Being electrically heated, the ADVANCE ETS can utilise the beneficial tariffs of 'off-peak' electricity if available.

Thermal stores are the perfect choice for buildings with multiple occupancy. An unvented hot water cylinder requires a pressure discharge vent pipe to the outside of the building - a thermal store does not. Simply put, because a thermal store operates at atmospheric pressure there's no potential for a dangerous pressure to develop, therefore there's nothing to vent and no risk of explosion.

With no need for a pressure discharge pipe, the  thermal store can be sited anywhere within the property.

Unlike other Thermal Stores, the ADVANCE ETS is self contained. No need for a separate feed and expansion tank, the ETS contains its own.

No need for complex electronic controls, the ETS is gadget free. No pumps, no circuit boards.

Because it is inherently safe, Thermal storage technology is not governed by G3 Building Regs either. No need for a specialist installer, they are so safe these can be lawfully fitted by any competent person.

Simple to install and easy to maintain.

Advance Aplliance ETS Electric thermal store cylinder

A feature of all thermal stores is a Feed & Expansion (F&E) vessel whose purpose is to keep the store full of water and negate evaporation. Some manufacturers employ a separate plastic tank which must then be plumbed to the thermal store cylinder. The ADVANCE ETS incorporates the F&E vessel as an internal compartment - doing away with the additional space needed to site a remote tank, associated additional plumbing and the requisite pipe work.

Keeping the F&E compartment filled can be achieved by one of two methods.

ADVANCE ETS with manual fill

A periodic inspection of the sight glass will indicate when the water level requires topping up. This can be done manually using a filling loop as and when necessary. Or


ADVANCE ETS with Auto-fill Isolation kit

This is an automated self-managing top up system. The level of water in the F&E compartment is constantly monitored and kept at the correct level, drawing water directly from the cold water supply to the cylinder. Cleverly, this model does not require an overflow to be fitted. In the unlikely event of an 'over-fill' the water to the cylinder is immediately shut off, thereby negating the need for an overflow pipe.

Schematic of how an ETS thermal store works

So, how does an ADVANCE ETS thermal store work?

Within the body of the the cylinder is the main storage chamber where a volume of cold water is stored and heated. This water remains in the store (rather like the acid in your car battery) and is charged with thermal energy (heat).

A  heat exchanger (the coil) through which cold water is passed is immersed in the hot water within the store.

As you call for hot water by opening an outlet (e.g. a tap), cold mains water flows down the pipe passing through the heat exchanger coil and is rapidly heated by the stored hot water in which the coil is immersed. The process imparts stored heat to the cold mains water which emerges as hot water.

The output temperature of the hot water is regulated by passing it through a thermostatic blending valve which ensures hot water can only be delivered at a safe temperature.

Clever, simple and safe! Mains pressure hot water from an open vented store of hot water.

The ADVANCE ETS is fitted with two immersion heaters. A typical installation will have one heater as the off-peak heat source, the other heater being used as a manual boost if extra hot water is required during the day.

A separate programming device may be required to control the on, off and boost times of the immersion heaters


Features and Benefits of the ETS  Thermal Store

Stainless Steel construction with 10 Year Guarantee.

Ideal replacement for the GLEDHILL PULSACOIL

No complicated electronics, pumps or external gadgets.

Short Lead Time

Resistant the corrosive properties of aggressive water.
Totally safe. No possible danger from pressure build up.
No pressure discharge pipe work required.
Supplied pre-plumbed for rapid installation.
Economies of off-peak electricity tariffs can be utilised.
Totally quiet. Hot water silently delivered as you open a tap.
No risk of Legionella bacteria.
Long life from immersion heaters that should never scale up.
No G3 Certification or qualifications required for installation.
Can be fitted without an overflow if manually filled or if fitted with isolation kit.
Fully compliant with Part L Building Regs.
Neat all-in-one design reduces installation time and removes the need for unsightly additional pipe work.


ETS Electric Thermal Store (Hot water only)

Technical and Prices

The ETS Thermal Store is available in two sizes. Compare your hot water requirements and hot water usage with the table below:

Advance ETS - Thermal Store Price List

Limited Offer Price inc VAT*

MODEL Description




Electric Thermal Store




with Isolation Kit fitted

> 1458.00 1710.00
The NEW ETS 160 Slim > 1566.00 500mm dia x 1570mm

[The Isolation kit permits a live water feed to the F&E compartment without the need for an overflow pipe. This unique feature automatically ensures the F&E compartment remains topped up, taking away the need for manual intervention or periodic inspection of F&E water level. Ideal for tenanted properties or where location makes the installation of an overflow impossible.]

Please note: The isolation kit is a factory fitted option and must be ordered with cylinder. It cannot be purchased separately or added after installation.




Advance ETS Technical Information

Store volume   160 litres 210 litres
Number of immersion heaters   2 x 3kW 2 x 3kW

ERP Rating




Appliance height




Appliance Diameter




Hot water coil


1.5 1.5
Hot water coil output kW 35 35
Flow rate l/m up to 20 up to 20
Approx weight empty kg 45 50

Approx weight (full)






*These are SPECIAL OFFER PRICES subject to change without notice.


ETS - Model Selection Guide









1 or




En-suite shower room







Model size







  1. Suggested models are only a rough guide. Everything depends on hot water usage patterns and expectation of the individual.

  2. An external 'off-peak' controller (programmer) must be used to switch/supply electricity to the immersion heaters.




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