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Advance Appliances SFUTS

Universal Multi Fuel Thermal Store

Turn energy from multiple heat sources into hot water

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Connect multiple heat sources to this Stainless Steel Universal Thermal Store

Works with all heat sources including wood burning stoves, gas or oil boilers and solar thermal, as well as electric/PV and other appliances on vented and unvented (pressurised) systems.

Advance Appliances SFUTS Universal Pre-Plumbed Thermal Store


Just connect the flow and return plumbing connections and wire the boiler and programmer into the junction box - so simple - so effective.


Pre-plumbed and pre-wired for simple installation

The HETAS listed SFUTS from Advance Appliances is a pre plumbed pre wired Universal Thermal Store that has been designed to link a number of heat sources including gas or oil boilers, wood burners, and solar thermal or PV as well as electric and other inputs. Everything you see in the picture is included in the price!

Just connect the flow and return plumbing connections and wire the boiler and programmer into the junction box - so simple - so effective.

This clever yet simple cylinder uses the Thermal Storage principles to store central heating (primary) water, and is fed without coils from boilers and wood burners for example. This ensures buffering and the resultant efficiencies.

The SFUTS Universal Thermal Store safely delivers domestic hot water at mains pressure through a large integral coil for fast bath filling and power showering without a pump.  In summer the solar coil, if utilised, will provide most of your hot water needs. In the winter a suitably sized wood burner if connected will handle most of the household heating and hot water duties.

Hot water for central heating can be taken directly from the store which acts as a buffer for fast radiator or under floor heat up. The store is kept hot by the various energy inputs controlled by thermostats.

What makes the Universal SFUTS truly universal is its ability to be configured as a sealed (pressurised) cylinder (supplied as standard) or as a fully open vented store by request.

When configured as a sealed cylinder the SFUTS is fine for connection into a sealed/pressurised central heating system and/or under floor systems to can only run pressurised. The primaries are 28mm and can be teed off for two separate circuits if required.


Advance Aplliances SFUTS Universal Thermal Store on YOUTUBE


SFUTS Fitting & Installation

(View installation and user guide)

A 3amp supply from a fused spur is recommended and you will need to wire a programmer/roomthermostat to the fitted junction box.

In addition, a flue thermostat is supplied loose (but electrically connected) to mount about a metre away from the solid fuel appliance on the flue. Wiring instructions come with the unit, although all of the integral wiring is complete and tested prior to shipping.

You will need to connect the boiler flow and return, the solid fuel flow and return and the heating flow and return. Pumps are fitted and pre wired.

The solid fuel circuit contains an injector tee, blending valve and circulating pump to assist efficiency during heat up and reduce condensation.

The unit is HETAS listed and meets the requirements of Part G and Part L of the Building Regulations.

Advance Appliances Universal Thermal Store - SFUTS - diagram showing connections

Advance Appliances SFUTS - Size Guide & Price Table



(Inc VAT)










Volume (Litres)





Typical Application

1 Bath & 2 Showers


1 bath & 3 showers

2 Baths & 1 Shower

2 Baths & 3 Showers


Small Commercial

Cylinder Dimensions


1500 x 600

1750 x 600

2025 x 600

1780 x 750

Weight kg (Full)





Solar Volume





Heat Loss (Watts/Class)






Please ensure your gas or oil boiler delivers a minimum temperature of 75oC

*Special Offers are limited in duration and may change or cease without notice.


SFUTS Solid Fuel Universal Thermal Store Schematic Diagram


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