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Advance Appliances TSiC

Twin Coil vented Indirect Thermal Store

The safe way to supply mains pressure hot water throughout the home

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Use these Advance Indirect Thermal Stores with gas or oil boilers for the safe provision of mains pressure hot water throughout the house

Advance Appliances Twin Coil Thermal Store (TSiC)


The safe way to provide mains pressure hot water

A thermal Store is the safe way to supply mains pressure hot water to the outlets in your property. Inherently safe by virtue of always being vented, a TSiC Thermal Store does exactly as its name suggests - It stores thermal energy.

This is done by using the water contained within the cylinder as the storage medium, rather like a car battery uses acid to store electrical charge. By immersing a coil within the cylinder, mains pressure water passing through the coil rapidly picks up heat as it passes through - exiting as mains pressure hot water. Simple genius!!

Because the cylinder is never under pressure (because it is always vented to atmosphere via the F&E tank) it negates the risk of explosion - something an unvented cylinder must address with pressure relief equipment.

Unvented hot water cylinders come under the G3 Building Regulations. Vented Thermal Stores do not because there is no danger associated with them.

Unvented cylinders require qualified installation and an annual service to ensure pressure relief equipment is functioning correctly. A Thermal Store can be installed by any competent person and requires no annual service. Delightfully simple, delightfully safe!

Replace Boilermate products and Albion Mainsflow Indirect

The indirect pattern (TSiC) Twin Coil without the integrated feed and expansion tank has to be fed with a remote F and E tank but can be sited anywhere in the property.

The lower coil can be connected to a sealed system boiler in a Y plan, thus only one pump is needed. The store remains vented, with the contents of the store used as a medium for heat transfer only.

These replace like for like Boilermate products and Albion Mainsflow Indirect. They can also replace a conventional vented copper cylinder, thereby changing a gravity hot water system to a mains pressure hot water system with consummate ease.

Stainless Steel with a 10 year guarantee

The units look smart too, with a wipe-clean white appliance finish, and the insulation is 60mm foam injected for maximum efficiencies

Stainless steel construction offers a lightweight long life product.  The thermal store carries a 10 year guarantee, the parts are guaranteed for two years.  The stores meet the HWA specification and the Building Regulations.



Simplicity means reliability

With no circuit boards to worry about you won't be needing a specialist electronics expert to fix impossibly complicated problems - unlike some! So why would you want to buy into some other machine that most plumbers can't begin to understand?

The ADVANCE APPLIANCES TSiC Thermal Store is delightfully simple to install and uses components that every plumber is familiar with. In fact, with an appropriate degree of competence this vented Thermal Store can be installed and maintained by the householder.

Separate F&E Tank

The TSiC Thermal Store requires a separate F&E Tank. Not having an integral F&E compartment makes the cylinder more compact, making it easier to site the unit anywhere in the property - especially if space is tight.

(FYI: A thermal store requires a small F&E tank whose function is to provide a vent to atmosphere and keep the store topped up in the event of evaporation. A small F&E tank which must be purchased separately needs to be installed above the cylinder.)

Advance Appliances Twin Coil TSiC Thermal Store diagram 1


TSiC Fitting & Installation

(View installation and user guide)

These low maintenance pre plumbed units provide flow rates up to 25 litres per minute and if linked to the appropriate heat source (except Heat Pumps) are suitable for average to larger properties, see the sizing guide below. The units look smart too, with a wipe-clean appliance finish, and the insulation, which exceeds part L requirements, is 60mm foam injected for maximum efficiencies.
Stainless steel construction offers a lightweight long life product.


Advance Appliances TSiC Twin Coil Thermal Store - Size Guide & Price Table




(Inc VAT)






TSiC 170

TSiC 210

TSiC 250

Volume (Litres)





Typical Application


1 bath & 2 showers

2 Baths & 1 Showers

2Baths & 2 Showers

Cylinder Dimensions



1243 x 600

1485 x 600

1753 x 600

Weight kg (Full)





Suggested Boiler Size





Heat Loss (Watts/Class)





Boiler Sizing: Minimum boiler sizes are given. Smaller boilers will increase recovery times and performance may be affected. Modulating boilers may increase recovery times.

Note: Allow extra 100mm for front fitted components.

Please ensure your boiler delivers a minimum temperature of 75C

*Special Offers are limited in duration and may change or cease without notice.


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