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CALOREX Ground Source Heat Pumps

Calorex ground source heat pumps

Geothermal energy recovery to hot water with Calorex ground source heat pumps

Calorex ground source heat pumps

Calorex Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pumps

Calorex geothermal ground source heat pump unit

Calorex ground source heat pumps are available in four sizes with thermal power outputs of 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.5kW, 8.0kW and 12.0kW. The first two units are particularly suited to the typical small, well insulated houses being built by Housing Associations and other social landlords. With the other models in the range Calorex ground source heat pumps will operate efficiently in houses up to around 250m built to present day Building Regulation standards.

Calorex heat pumps are unique in that they deliver domestic hot water at 65C without any supplementary electrical heating back up.

Comfortable space heating is delivered between 35C and 55C and is designed to work efficiently with radiators or under floor heating systems.

The larger ground source heat pumps are designed with twin circuitry that helps maximise efficiency during part load conditions and ensures stable heating temperatures, whatever the demand may be.

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Price inc VAT


Calorex WW3500


Output to water@35oC - 3.40kW

Output to water@55oC - 2.80kW

H - 850

W - 500

D - 444


Calorex WW5000


Output to water@35oC - 4.80kW

Output to water@55oC - 3.60kW

H - 850

W - 500

D - 444


Calorex WW6500


Output to water@35oC - 6.53kW

Output to water@55oC - 6.48kW

H - 945

W - 715

D - 450


Calorex WW8000


Output to water@35oC - 8.30kW

Output to water@55oC - 8.10kW

H - 945

W - 715

D - 450


Calorex WW1200


Output to water@35oC - 12.50kW

Output to water@55oC - 12.00kW

H - 945

W - 915

D - 465


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