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Horstmann 425 Series Central Heating Programmer

Boiler programmers and timers, Central heating programmers and timers, 24 Hour mechanical programmers and timers, 7-Day Digital programmers and timers


425 Series - Electro-mechanical Programmers

425 diade


Horstmann's best selling, big value 425 Series programmers are the simplest way to control water and central heating in the home.

  • Simple to use with easily understood settings adjusted in seconds
  • Easy to install, uses a 9 way standard backplate
  • Diadem / Tiara 6Amp rated, Coronet 13 Amp rated
  • Advance control to allow manual override switching ON or OFF
  • Gives real comfort throughout the home
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Greatly increased energy savings


Model   inc VAT

425 Diadem   45.33
425  Tiara   43.72
425 Coronet   38.55


Single Circuit
Twin Circuit
ON all day
ON/OFF twice a day
Pumped Systems
Independent CH/HW
Immersion Heaters
Indicator Lights
425 Diadem  
425  Tiara  
425 Coronet





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