Horstmann Quartz economy 7 timer with boost switch

Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz - Immersion Heater Control

Economy 7 off peak controller - Horstmann Quartz



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Horstmann Quartz Economy 7 prammable control switch with boost function




  • Quartz controlled to ten minutes a year
  • Rechargeable battery keeps time during power interruptions
  • Up to 60 or 120 minutes boost means extra hot water at any time
  • Indicator lights show whether on-peak or off-peak power is being used
  • Summer and winter time settings instantly visible
  • Large terminals and back box
  • Easy wiring harness and simple installation
  • Designed with both installer and user in mind




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Horstmann Economy 7 timer Quartz    






Horstmann Quartz off peak controller




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