Please excuse us if we sound a little cynical about the well used tactic of 'Price Matching'.

Although the thought of saving a few pounds will clearly sound tempting you are just about to be sucked into a game by somebody who was actually trying to over-charge you just moments ago!

In effect, what they are saying is...

"OK, now you've caught me I'll charge you the proper price!"

If underhanded tactics like this don't insult your intelligence then please read no further.

However, cut-price shopping can often mean cut-price service.

There's an old saying... "In life there's never a free lunch." In part this applies to 'bargain shopping'. If it's looks too good to be true it probably is. You might end up with nothing but trouble.

Does the business offering cut price shopping offer good customer service and backup?

Price is important to us all, but don't let the rogue element mess with your hard earned money. If the seller messes about with pricing or knows little about the product they offer then clearly your money is their ONLY objective.

If you really wish to participate in their ridiculous game then -

Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware!!)

We don't play games. Great prices and customer attention have been part of our standard service for years.

We lead - Others follow

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