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What is underfloor heating?


Although Underfloor Heating is hugely popular these days it is most certainly not a new idea. Underfloor heating was invented by the Romans who used channels beneath the floor to circulate warm air from a furnace which in turn warmed the floor and the living space above.

The principle of underfloor heating hasn't changed in centuries. The floor is used like a massive radiator. Although modern UFH systems tend to use warm water passing through a coil of pipe, or in electric systems a cable that warms up to radiate heat, the floor still provides a large surface area through which warmth is gently and evenly imparted to the living area.

The most notable advancement in UFH technology is controllability. What once took a battery of slaves can now be done at the mere touch of a button.

A roman villa showing underfloor heating ducts

Modern underfloor heating using loops of pipework and hot water

Advantages of underfloor heating

There are numerous advantages to an underfloor heating system - not least of all the fact that you have no wall space taken up with unsightly radiators. This offers you total freedom when deciding on where furniture, tables, televisions etc should reside - and the ability to change your mind should you wish to do so.

One of the most noticeable attributes of an underfloor system is the gentle way it warms the living space. The effect is in fact so gentle you could be excused for not noticing the cosy ambience being created as the floor evenly warms across its entirety. The gentle balanced climate created differs greatly from the potentially scalding hot spots and chilly cold areas that result with traditional radiator systems.

Absolute luxury of underfloor heating

A warm floor is wonderful to walk on - quite noticeable with bare feet. No matter how well a radiator heats a room the floor never feels warm to the touch. Because UFH heats from beneath, the floor benefits too. As the warmth rises from the floor the air in the room warms evenly from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. Control is easy too. With a full system, each area in your property (known as a zone) is governed by its own thermostat. This gives you control of each zone independent of the temperature setting in others - A vast improvement on the thermostat in hallway concept!

Underfloor heating for a healthier lifestyle

A warm floor is actually healthier to live with. Did you know, dust and carpet mites cannot live in a warm dry environment? This is of course wonderful news if you happen to suffer with an allergy or respiratory ailment that is exacerbated by the presence of mites.

Running costs of UFH

With underfloor heating running at a lower temperature a significant 15-40% saving can be made on running costs when compared to traditional heating systems.


So which proprietary underfloor heating systems should you choose?

Like many things in life, just because it calls itself underfloor heating is no guarantee of quality. Some system manufacturers lure you into installing their product on initial price then make it difficult and expensive to obtain parts and spares in the event you should need them. Some systems are less reliable than others. Some products are less robust and prone to failure or leaks.

Cheap can often mean cheerful. You definitely don't want to go there! Underfloor systems take a lot of effort to install, so you want to ensure there's no need for digging up to repair unnecessary problems! On the other hand, you don't need to waste money buying the dearest as top dollar is no guarantee either. Choosing a product made by a reputable manufacturer does not mean you need to pay through the nose, but it will ensure quality.

When choosing your system we suggest you choose a manufacturer who cares about reputation. For this reason we offer you...


Underfloor Heating by MYSON.


MYSON underfloor heating

Myson and their reputation are simply huge in the heating industry. Their portfolio is vast and their experience second to none. Their sales are worldwide, and for good reason - quality.

Myson have a solution to every underfloor heating project. Be it a small addition to your property, an adaptation or a complete new build, Myson can supply everything from a Small Area Pack (a complete underfloor kit in a box) to a fully designed bespoke Underfloor Heating specification with layout drawings, component lists and all the hardware packaged and shipped, ready for you to commence installation.

And what's more, the quotation process is absolutely free! Just send us details of your project (a sketch or plan drawings) and leave the rest to us. In return you will receive a most competitive quotation. Upon your instructions to proceed the hardware to make your installation a reality will be shipped. Simple!


Single Room and SMALL AREA PACKS - Underfloor heating in a box!

If your project is fairly simple and limited to a small area (a single room for example), then take a look at the SMALL AREA PACKS we supply. Small area packs are designed to cope with the needs of smallish jobs without the need to get involved in elaborate design and are packaged to provide everything you'll need 'in a box'.

Tips and hints are available elsewhere on this website to help you understand your task and explain different ways that might be open to achieve your goal.

View small area packs





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