Valor Homeflame Petrus Fire
Valor Homeflame Harmony Fire
Valor Homeflame Eminence Fire
Valor Homeflame Dream Fire
Seattle Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Valor Dream Balanced Flue
Valor Anthem Gas Fire
Valor Decadent Slimline Fire
Valor Decadent Gas Fire
Valor Visia Gas Fire
Valor Eminence Gas Fire
Valor Liberty Gas Fire
Valor Artura Gas Fire
Valor Adorn Gas FIre
Amour Gas Fire
Valor Blenheim Gas Fire
Blenheim Slimline Fire
Black Beauty Radiant Fire
Black Beauty Slimline Fire
Black Beauty Unigas Fire
Dream Convector Gas Fire
Valor Dream Gas Fire
Dream Fan Flue Gas Fire
Baxi Wentworth Classic Fan Flue
Dream Convector Slimline Gas Fire
Heartbeat Oxysafe Gas Fire
Valor Icon Gas Fire
Obsession Slimline Gas Fire
Valor Quantum Gas Fire
Valor Seattle Gas Fire
Valor Tranquility Gas Fire
Valor Ultimate Gas Fire
Ultimate Balanced Flue Gas Fire
Valor Visage Gas Fire
Chimney Options

Valor Gas Fires

Valor Gas Fires - Chimney Options


There's nothing more frustrating than setting your heart on a new fire only to discover that its not actually suitable for your home. So to help you understand what fires are suitable for your home we have prepared a key below to classify your chimney. Then, when looking through the product pages on this site you will see the same images used to indicate the chimney types each fire is suitable for.


Brick Built Chimney -

The classic brick built chimney is suitable for the majority of Valor fires found on this website. As brick chimneys are deep, you can choose a full depth fire through to a shallower Slimline product.

Pre-Fabricated Flue -

Pre-fabricated chimneys are suitable for most fires and gas stoves. Prefabricated chimneys offer a good depth so you can also choose from the majority of full depth fires and all Slimline fires.

Pre-Cast Flue -

Pre-cast chimneys are found in most modern homes and suitable for a wide range of Slimline fires and electric stoves.

No Chimney or Flue -

Our wide range of gas and electric fires can be fitted in most homes, even if you don't have a chimney or flue.







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