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Traditional radiant bar electric fires from Dimplex

Radiant bar fires are as traditional as it gets in the world of electric fires.  The warmth of the output complimented beautifully by the soft luxuriance of the subtle glow.

Many a household will have huddled around what was often the only heat source on a cold winter's night, preparing to make the final dash to bed through the cold.

Times have change much over the decades since the radiant fire adorned so many a hearth, but the charm of this iconic focal point lives on.

Dimplex bring you a choice from this modern range of traditionally styled fires that utilise a radiant bar with parabolic reflector to project heat into the room. Models with a fuel effect work in conjunction with the radiants to complete the homely picture with the flame effect dancing delicately in the background.

Fires equipped with flame effect can be used without switching on the radiants to add to the cosy ambiance of the room without heating it.

On a totally practical level electric fires offer simple installation, clean heat and demand very little in the way of maintenance. They are a perfect solution where no chimney is available to flue fumes or when ventilation might be insufficient for the safe combustion of gas.

Electric fires are a great solution for landlords as they don't bring with them the same requirements for servicing or the dangers and liabilities associated with gas appliances.

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Please note: Dimplex fire price lists are under review. Please call to check prices.



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