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Featuring a high quality cast trim and fret, the Caress Slimline is a striking feature in homes where a full depth fire is not an option. Manual and slide control models are available*.

* Coal bed and flame picture differs between manual and slide control models.


Flavel Caress Slimline gas fire specification and prices:

Safety Flame Supervision Device (FSD), Airwatch System
Type of Heat Radiant
Heat Input High 6.5 (manual), 6.5 (slide) kW
Heat Input Low 2.2 (manual), 4.2 (slide) kW
Heat Output High 3.3 (manual), 3.3 (slide) kW
Heat Output Low 1.0 (manual), 1.6 (slide) kW
Air Vent required Not normally
Builders Opening Sizes Height: (min) 550 mm (max) 565 mm
Width: (min) 330 mm (max) 430 mm



Product Code Price (inc VAT)
Flavel Caress Slimline Manual Control - Brass G/136467 271.96
Flavel Caress Slimline Manual Control - Silver G/136468 271.96
Flavel Caress Slimline Slide Control - Brass G/136469 324.73
Flavel Caress Slimline Slide Control - Silver G/136470 324.73




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