Heatrae Sadia Megalife Stainless Steel Vented Cylinder

Stainless Steel Vented Hot Water Cylinder designed especially for areas with very hard and aggressive water





The Heatrae Sadia Megalife Cylinder is a vented domestic hot water cylinder made from Stainless Steel rather than copper, offering a longer life, longer guarantee period and a stronger product overall. The Megalife really does cover the 'business end' of the vented cylinder market with durability second to none.

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With its ground-breaking 25-year cylinder guarantee, titanium immersion heater element and Duplex stainless steel construction, MegaLife HE really is the ultimate vented hot water cylinder. With a fast recovery coil that can heat up 150 litres of water in under 12 minutes, it sets a demanding new standard in water heating.
  • Transferable 25-year cylinder guarantee
  • Duplex stainless steel construction
  • No anode
  • Fast recovery coil
  • 40 metre (4 bar) maximum working head
  • Alloy sheathed immersion heaters
  • Immersion heater and safety cut-out designed to meet latest EU standards
  • Modern replacement for Cirrus & UDB cylinders
  • Ideal for use in aggressive water areas

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Megalife Sizes and Prices:


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These prices are due for immanent change.

Code Product Price inc VAT
G/177600 Megalife HE Direct 100 Litre, 3kW  
G/177601 Megalife HE Direct 120 Litre, 3kW  
G/177602 Megalife HE Direct 150 Litre, 3kW  
G/177603 Megalife HE Direct 170 Litre, 3kW x2  
G/177604 Megalife HE Direct 210 Litre, 3kW x2  
G/177620 Megalife HE Indirect 100 Litre, 3kW  
G/177621 Megalife HE Indirect 120 Litre, 3kW  
G/177622 Megalife HE Indirect 150 Litre, 3kW  
G/177623 Megalife HE Indirect 170 Litre, 3kW x2  
G/177624 Megalife HE Indirect 210 Litre, 3kW x2  
G/177780 Megalife Direct SOLAR 190 Litre  
G/177781 Megalife Direct SOLAR 210 Litre  
G/177782 Megalife Direct SOLAR 250 Litre  
G/177783 Megalife Direct SOLAR 300 Litre  
G/177785 Megalife Indirect SOLAR 190 Litre  
G/177786 Megalife Indirect SOLAR 210 Litre  
G/177787 Megalife Indirect SOLAR 250 Litre  
G/177788 Megalife Indirect SOLAR 300 Litre  






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