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Do you enjoy filtered drinking water? No need to to store filter jugs in the fridge anymore with the arrival of the Liff NRSK Water filter tap. Taking its supply directly from the cold water feed to your sink, the Liff Water filter kit comprises everything you will need to provide filtered water 'on tap'.

Install the additional spout next to the tap in your kitchen and the cartridge assembly underneath the work top to enjoy virtually endless amounts of water with all the impurities and solids normally associated with taps water filtered out. Especially nice in hard water areas where a high concentration of calcium in the supply water together with other impurities can taint the flavour. Supplied with full fitting instructions.

Containing a replaceable Liff NSK13 cartridge, this NRSK system is designed to remove bad taste/chlorine, scale/scum and reduce lead and most other heavy metals.






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NRSK Water Filter Complete Kit

NSK13 Replacement Cartridge



Genuine Liff NSK13 water filters for the NSRK water filter system. Require replacing approximately every 6 months.

    NRSK Installation Instructions
Part Code: G/G79800 Part Code: G/G79801  











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