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Myson fan heaters

Kickspace, Highline, Lowline, Super, Slimline, they all form part of the Myson range of fan heaters.

Myson are one of the top names in heating products. There is a huge range of fan heaters available from kickspace to Slimline.

All are available in different finishes and different heat outputs so you're sure to find the right heater for your situation.

Myson fan convector heaters offer great quality and lasting performance.


Myson kickspace fan heater

Myson Kickspace heater

Fits snugly and unobtrusively at floor level. Ideal for use in kitchen units, fitting into kick panel - hence the name. Hydronic and Electric models in a range of sizes and heat outputs available. Remote hard-wired switching and thermostatic control options on some units.


Myson Hi-Line RC fan heater with remote control

Myson Hi-Line RC Fan heater

A remote controlled high level fan heater that plumbs into your wet central heating system. Available with a range of heat outputs, the Hi-Line model places the heat source safely out of reach and blows a curtain of warm air downward. Will also blow unheated air if required.

Myson Hi-line electric fan heater

Myson Hi-Line Electric Fan Heater


Myson Hi-line low voltage electric fan heater

Myson Hi-Line Low Voltage fan heater

A High level low-voltage fan heater unit specifically for installations where moisture or water are present. Great, for example, for use in a bathroom.

12V operation with integral transformer for ease of installation.


Myson Hi-line Super fan heater

Myson Hi-Line Super fan heater

A high level fan heater suitable for use where higher heat outputs are necessary. This makes the Myson Hi-Line Super a good choice for commercial applications. Remote control facility for ease of operation.

The Hi-Line Super RC is capable of delivering high outputs from 5kW up to 8.5kW.


Myson Lo-line fan convector heater

Myson Lo-Line fan convector heater

The Lo-Line RC fan convector offers quick response time when you need warmth. A refreshing cooling option is available with the heater/cooler model for summer months.

Lo-Line RC unit connects to the central heating system (water chilling equipment is also required for the heater/cooler model). Installed at a similar height to a standard radiator.

Remote control for maximum flexibility.


Myson Slimline fan convector heater

Myson Slim-Line Heater

The Slim-Line RC is designed to fit where space is at a premium.

Remote control and high heat output.

Ideal for heat pump applications by allowing operation at temperatures as low as 32 degrees C.


Myson iVector convector fan heater

Myson iVector II

High outputs

The iVECTOR has a large surface area heat exchanger. This feature, combined with forced convection from its in-built fan, produces high heat outputs.


More efficient

The upgraded motor makes the new

iVECTOR up to 89% more efficient than the previous version. This high effi ciency results in lower power consumption, saving money and energy.



The iVECTOR now comes with an aluminium fan which reduces sound levels making it operate virtually silently.


More choice

As well as the standard Type BC there are

now even more models available with a no

controls version (Type BN) as well as a fl oor

version (Type FC/FN), by special order.



Myson ULOW-E2 fan convected radiators

Myson ULOW-E2 Radiators

The ULOW-E2 radiator uses in-built fans to force convection resulting in heat outputs up to 60% more than traditional radiators.

The ULOW-E2 radiators are highly flexible, utilising central connection technology and have a “summer breeze” function for air circulation on warm days.

Myson ULOW-E2 radiators are double panel and 600mm high. They available in black or white finishes and in a range of lengths from 400mm to 1600mm.


Myson Hydronic and Electric Fan Heaters




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