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With a radio controlled room thermostat you can set all of your heating programmes from the comfort of your sofa. With a typical range of 30m, it offers a hassle free solution to ensure your home is warming to your requirements.

It features a combined time-switch and room thermostat so you can set different periods with different temperatures for space heating on a daily cycle. Being radio controlled, there are obviously no wires to connect between the transmitter and receiver minimising disruption and reducing installation times.


Product Code Price (inc vat)
Radio Controlled Stat G/302220  


  • A radio frequency programmable room thermostat and receiver
  • A combined time-switch and room thermostat which allows the user to set different periods, with different target temperatures, for space heating over a daily cycle
  • Easy to install
  • Range 30m (typical)
  • Large Backlit display
  • 6 Pre-Defined and 3 User-Defined control programmes
  • Room temperature display - Time and Day display
  • Manual or automatic operation - Frost protection
  • 16 Amps
  • Dimensions:






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