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The Santon range of taps has been chosen to complement the Aquarius range of water heaters. It consists of vented hot taps and matching cold taps for use with vented undersink water heaters, as well as standard taps which can be used with any other Santon storage unit. The taps are robust and made in traditional cast brass with a chrome finish.





Vented taps by Santon for use with undersink and instantaneous water heaters

These taps are constructed to control the flow of incoming mains water supply to an open outlet type electric water heater. This displaces the heated water in an unrestricted flow through the tapís permanently open outlet.

This vented hot tap is for full bore plumbing. Above the basin it is identical to the universal taps, so a matching cold tap is available if required.

These taps are packed individually with both a red and blue bezel and are normally used in cold tap form to match the TXH01. This is a pillar (or high neck) tap version of model TXH01. This is a pillar (or high neck) tap version of model TXU01 to match TXH02. This is similar in operation to the vented hot tap but has the additional advantages of mixing the heated and cold water at the outlet and is ideally suited to kitchen use.

Santon Vented Basin Hot Tap

Santon Vented Universal Tap (hot or cold)

Santon High Neck Vented Hot Tap

Santon High Neck Universal vented Tap (hot or cold)

Santon Vented Mixer Tap



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