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Solar thermal heating for domestic hot water is the fastest growing renewable technology across Europe. Using radiation from the sun, a sophisticated solar collector is used to transfer the maximum amount of energy possible in to a fluid, which runs through the collector and which is then used to indirectly heat water in a storage cylinder.




Choose your Solar Collection System based on collector type:

Vaillant auroTHERM Exclusive Vaillant auroTHERM Plus Vaillant auroTHERM

Store collected solar energy in a Vaillant cylinder

At the heart of any solar system is a cylinder.

This stores the energy (heat) that your collector array gathers. You are not bound to use any particular brand. Some are more versatile than others. There are many unvented (pressurised) and vented (thermal stores and gravity cylinders) to choose from. Click here to begin...

Vaillant auroSTOR Cylinder    

Manage your solar system with a Vaillant controller

Vaillant auroMATIC Solar Control    





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