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Water Pumps and Macerators

Domestic, Industrial and Commercial Water Pumps

Power Shower Booster Pumps

Central Heating and Hot Water Circulating Pumps

Waste Water Macerators and Pumping Systems

Shower booster pumps, Macerators and circulating pumps. 

Choose from our superb range of pumps for nearly all domestic and light industrial/commercial applications. As we only deal with reputable brands from well respected manufacturers you can rest assured of the highest quality of each and every item.

Shower Booster (Power Shower) Pumps

Power shower booster pumps

If you wish to increase the pressure of water in your shower you might consider one of the booster pumps available from the following manufacturers. Choose from Positive and negative head models (or kits), High or Low pressure and flow, mains or low voltage, twin or single impellor. The is something to solve most installation issues.

(Note: Booster pumps may only be used on gravity water systems)


New Team

Stewart Turner Monsoon




Grundfos Watermill



Macerator and Waste Water small bore pumps


Macerator and grey water pumps


Macerators and small bore waste water pumps are an ideal solution for disposal of dirty water to a remotely sited drain or sewer. Utilising only a small bore pipe can solve the complexities of trying to run a full sized waste pipe where it just isn't feasible. Small bore systems such as these allow you to site a toilet, bathroom, shower, basin, kitchen or utility room more or less anywhere in a house with ease.



Grundfos Sololift 2 (Macerator)


Central Heating and hot water circulating pumps


Domestic heating and circulating pumps


A comprehensive range of circulating pumps suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial use. Typical applications include pumping hot water, circulating water through central heating systems, circulating secondary return water, also used in cooling systems and air conditioning systems





Shower booster pumps, Macerators and hot water circulating pumps. 

All at discounted prices. A superb choice of quality products.






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Hot Water Cylinders

Thermal Stores

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