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Worcester-Bosch combination gas boilers

CDi Combination Boilers Range



Worcester-Bosch CDi Combination Boilers


The Greenstar CDi boiler series is part of a market-leading range of energy-saving condensing gas-fired boilers from Worcester. They can cut heating and hot water bills by between 15-20% - and they’re up to 30% cheaper to run than an older boiler.

Greenstar condensing boilers deliver this energy-saving performance by recycling exhaust gases to extract and re-use latent heat - a highly efficient use of energy which also significantly reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • SEDBUK* A-rated efficiency - environmentally friendly
  • 27kW, 30kW, 37kW and 42kW DHW outputs - a boiler for all property types
  • Hot water and central heating temperature controls - consumer comfort and flexibility
  • Mechanical, digital and radio frequency (RF) control options all available
  • Optimising 7-day programmable room thermostat available
  • 24 hour programmable room thermostat available
  • Holiday function – frost protection and economic to run while you are away from home
  • Keep hot facility - instantly available hot water
  • Wall mounting frame housing pipes behind it - no exposed pipework
  • Fully condensing in both central heating (CH) and domestic hot water (DHW) modes
  • Low NOx and CO2 emissions - environmentally friendly
  • 2 year** warranty with 10 year** warranty on primary heat exchanger
CDi Combi Boilers:
Greenstar 42CDi   £1522.89 inc VAT  
Greenstar 37CDi   £1282.48 inc VAT  
Grennstar 30CDi   £1131.26 inc VAT  
Greenstar 27CDi   £1019.78 inc VAT  
STD Horizontal Flue   £69.84 inc VAT  
Vertical Flue   £95.76 inc VAT  
Mechanical Timer   £41.68 inc VAT  
Digital Timer   £55.20 inc VAT  









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