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With a typical well-sized solar system, householders can satisfy over half their hot water requirements from solar energy. Solar systems also reduces CO2 emissions from the home.


Renewable energy - household solar systems

As part of the Bosch group, Worcester is committed to environmental protection. Product development is prioritised in the interests of the safety of people, the economical use of resources and environmental sustainability.

With this in mind Worcester is proud to offer a solar panel package for hot water heating which allows the consumer to take advantage of renewable and sustainable energy.

Worcester Greenskies FK240 Solar Panels harness the power in both direct and diffuse sunlight and convert the energy to heat for the production of hot water for the home.

The solar panels have been designed as a complement to existing heating systems which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. The existing cylinder is exchanged for a cylinder with two heat exchanger coils; one from the boiler in the property and a second from the solar panels.

The Worcester Greenskies FK240 Solar Panels are an ideal partner to the new range of condensing Greenstar regular and system boilers, with different models available in both oil and gas, which require a separate cylinder for the storage of hot water. When used together a Greenstar boiler with solar system provides a highly efficient system to give heating and hot water comfort.

A typical well sized solar system should provide around 50% of the domestic hot water requirements of a home, representing a very worthwhile saving on hot water heating costs. The remaining hot water requirement is provided by the boiler.

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Greenskies FK240 Solar Panels

Features Benefits
Efficient collector with 92% absorption rate Increases performance of panel
Robust Panel Design Minimises risk of damage and prolongs service life
Environmentally Friendly All materials recyclable, environmentally conscious manufacture
Quick Fitting Labour and Money Saving
Easy To Fit Reduces complexity of installation
Simple to use controller Allows quick setting of functions
Selective coating on absorber Increases collector performance even on cloudy days
Strong Solar glass cover Protects collector from damage


Classification Worcester Greenskies FK240 Solar Panel
Panel height 112mm
Panel width 1,135mm
Panel length 2,115mm
Weight (empty) 43kg
Fluid content 1.15 litres
Gross surface area 2.4m2
Net surface area 2.1m2
Stagnation temperature 181C
Max operation pressure 3 bar
Min efficiency 525 kWh/m2a
Absorption 92%
Emission 12%
Glycol freezing temperature -38C
Max collectors in series 9


Solar Panel Components

  1. Highly Transparent, hardened Solar Glass
  2. Selective coated copper absorber
  3. Heat transfer tubes
  4. Main Collector Pipe
  5. Surrounding tray - UV resistant 2 layer plastic
  6. Glass fibre frame
  7. Pipework connections
  8. Temperature measurement point (Thermostat pocket)



Worcester Greenskies FK240 Solar Panels form part of a system which remains separate from the boiler heating system.

The panels are mounted on a surface which is selected for its exposure to sunlight and usually connected, via pipe work, to the lower coil of a twin-coil solar cylinder. The energy in the suns rays is absorbed by the panel and the heat is transferred into the pipe work in the absorber plates. The pipe work is filled with a ready-mixed liquid, containing glycol and water, which is circulated by a pump to the coil in the hot water cylinder. The heat is deposited in the storage cylinder and the glycol returns to the panel to absorb more free solar energy. The system is equipped with a simple unit to control the flow of energy from the panels to the storage cylinder.


The Worcester solar package includes a simple controller (TDS10) which allows the user to select the temperature required at the hot water cylinder. The controller then automatically decides when to run the pump to bring the energy from the panels to the cylinder.

The control uses a simple temperature difference to define when the pump runs. The temperature in the panel must be 8 degrees higher than the store for the pump to start running. This will continue until the panel temperature gets to 4 degrees above the store and then the pump will stop.

This ensures that the pump is running only when the benefit from the solar panels is available.



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