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LIFF Wrappa - Electronic water treatment to reduce lime scale.

The Wrappa is an electronic water conditioner for 15, 22, 28, and 35mm copper or plastic water pipe that uses radio frequencies to alter the characteristics of hard water. Once conditioned by the Wrappa, limescale simply passes through a domestic hot water system without sticking to heat exchange surfaces.

When used in a hard water area, the LIFF Wrappa extends the life of household hot water appliances such as shower units or hot water cylinders. The Wrappa can also remove existing scale from a system.

The Wrappa needs to be plugged into a mains supply and the antenna wrapped around the outside of pipe work. It is non intrusive which means there is no need to cut into the pipe when installing the u nit. The Wrappa can be installed either on the incoming main, where it offers whole house protection, or it can be fitted on the cold water feed to a single appliance.


LIFF Wrappa 15-35mm

LIFF Wrappa 35-76mm



For pipe sizes ranging from 15mm to 35mm.

For pipe sizes ranging from 35mm to 76mm.

Wrappa Installation Instructions

Part Code: G/292284 Part Code: G/292283  









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