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Custom hot water tanks & cylinders

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Have a water cylinder built to your specification






Non standard water cylinders

There are many occasions when an 'off the shelf' water cylinder can't or won't do the job. That's when it's handy to be able to specify exactly what you need to meet with the demands of your project.


Modifications and additions

It could be that a minor modification to a fairly standard unit will suffice - say an extra tapping or two, a secondary return, an extra heat exchanger or a shower take-off. If so, then click here to learn more. If not, if you have a more substantial requirement you may need a custom cylinder or vessel  manufactured.


Specialist water cylinders and awkward shapes

Be it a specialist agricultural application, an awkward shape or an industrial use there are many different reasons why you might need a design to suit your environment.


Custom made cylinders and economical solutions

Having a cylinder or tank made to your specification doesn't take as long as you might imagine, nor might it cost as much as you might think.


Help with a special cylinder design is always available

It never hurts to ask the question, nor will it cost you anything for an quote. We are always please to hear from you and willing to offer advice and lend a hand. Please don't hesitate if you have need of a special design.


Check out our range of cylinders that are readily available

You may find that the cylinder you require is not as unusual as you suspect. Why not take a look through our hot water cylinder sections. You might find what you seek. Click here


Choose from a massive range of Direct, Indirect, Economy 7, Gravity Flow, Suitable for AGA Rayburn and Wood burning stove, Combination, Multi-coil, Marine Calorifiers, Horizontal, Thermal Stores and Solar Cylinders, Unvented.


Words of advice

While it is possible to manufacture water storage vessels in almost any shape you would be wise to explore the possibility of using a cylinder in any situation. Cylinders are the ideal shape as they can withstand the surprising stresses that the pressure of water create. A vessel, for example, with flat sides tends to bow outward as the weight of water contained within pushes against it. For this reason flat sided vessels have to be made especially strong, which means thick material, which means more cost.

In short, whenever possible opt for a cylindrical storage vessel. If height is the problem then maybe a horizontal cylinder might suffice, but always explore cylinders before opting for the more expensive option of a flat sided tank.


Help and advice

No matter what your requirement never hesitate to call us for advice. We will happily listen to you situation and offer advice (if required) on how you might solve problems. We are only a phone call away and a no-obligation chat will cost you nothing.







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