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AGA hot water cylinders

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Hot Water Cylinders

Gledhill hot water storage and Copper Cylinders

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delivery to a mainland UK address is typically 2-3 working days.

GLEDHILL Copper hot water cylinders:

Standard Hot Water Cylinders

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect copper vented hot water cylinder

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect Standard Copper Cylinders

Combination Hot Water Cylinders

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect Combination hot water cylinders

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect Combination Copper Cylinders

Economy 7 Hot water cylinders

GLEDHILL Economy 7 Direct and Indirect hot water cylinders

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect Copper Cylinders for use on Economy 7 Tariffs

Economy 7 Combination copper cylinder

GLEDHILL Economy 7 combination hot water cylinders

GLEDHILL Direct and Indirect Combination Copper Cylinders for use on Economy 7 Tariffs

Gledhill Stainless Steel indirect cylinders

Gledhill ReplaCyl stainless steel indirect hot water cylinders. Ideal replacement for existing copper hot water cylinders.

GLEDHILL Insulated Stainless indirect hot water cylinders

ShowerCyl Cylinder

GLEDHILL Shower Cyl - a gravity hot water cylinder with a mains pressure shower coil

The gravity cylinder with a mains pressure hot water coil for the shower

Solar (gravity) Cylinders

GLEDHILL Vented hot water cylinders with a solar coil

GLEDHILL Indirect Solar Copper Cylinders for use with Gravity Fed systems only

EnviroFoam Stainless Steel Hot water cylinders

GLEDHILL ENVIROFOAM Stainless Steel Hot Water cylinders

GLEDHILL Stainless Steel cylinders for open vented gravity systems

Horizontal Hot Water Cylinders

Horizontal hot water cylinders

Direct and Indirect Horizontal Copper Cylinders

Thermal Stores

GLEDHILL Torrent Stainless thermal stores

Thermal stores - Mains pressure hot water from a vented cylinder


GLEDHILL boilermate Stainless thermal stores


Mains pressure hot water from an open vented thermal store

Cylinder for a gravity unpumped heat source

AGA Cylinders - hot water cylinders suitable for gravity circulating systems and for use with uncontollable heat sources like wood burning stoves, AGA, Rayburn.

Gravity hot water cylinders for AGA, Rayburn, wood burning stoves etc.


Primatic Cylinder

GLEDHILL Primatic hot water cylinders - self priming indirect single feed cylinder

GLEDHILL Self priming, single feed indirect hot water cylinders

High Temperature Header Tanks

Copper and stainless steel high temperature header and F&E tanks

Copper and stainless steel header tanks. Ideal for use with uncontrollable heat sources

Design your own hot water cylinder

Bespoke and Custom built hot water cylinders. Design your own hot water cylinder.

Bespoke and Custom Built Hot Water Cylinders


Bespoke Cylinder Designs

Agricultural, Industrial, Domestic water stores



Mains pressure Hot Water Cylinders

(Unvented & vented Thermal Stores & Solar) 


UK's largest online supplier of Gledhill products

As such we are pleased to offer you access to a vast range of superior quality hot water tanks and cylinders at trade discounted prices. Bespoke tank or cylinder design is available.





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Metal feed and expansion tanks - Copper and Stainless

Gledhill products - superior quality.

When you chose a Gledhill cylinder you know you are getting the best. Gledhill products are manufactured in the UK under an ISO 9001:2000 quality management system which is independently audited and accepted by the British Standards Institute. All products meet or exceed industry standards and comply with Water Regulations and Building Regulations.

To ensure your cylinder reaches you in perfect condition it will be delivered direct to you from the factory on a company vehicle. It will not have spent time standing around in any stock room or being mishandled by a carrier.

Gledhill cylinders are available in all grades and models to suit nearly every application. Should your requirement differ to those shown, why not explore the possibility of having a cylinder made specifically for your installation.

Gledhill cylinders are insulated to the highest standard using the new Envirofoam insulation. Not only does this exceed expectations under Part L of Building Regs, it's also kind to the planet as a fully biodegradable product with ZERO environmental impact.



HORIZONTAL CYLINDERS To satisfy specialist applications, horizontal hot water cylinders can be manufactured complete with cradles, or twin cylinders where only narrow spaces are available but large capacities are required.

SOLAR CYLINDERS are also available and can be fitted with two or more heat exchangers.


Whatever your requirement, please don't hesitate to call our friendly support team who will be happy to help you with useful advice and assist through the ordering process.


Save your self money

Save money on copper hot water cylinders

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Although our copper and stainless cylinders are offered at seriously discounted prices we won't compromise on superior quality or a first class service.

We simply won't offer anything less! When it comes to quality you don't need to look further than this superb range of hand-built copper and stainless steel hot water cylinders.

If you are searching for a standard 'off-the-shelf' size or for solution to a complex requirement, cylinders can be manufactured to your specification and still be delivered in around 2-3 days from point of order! How's that for efficiency?

About 'Price Matching'

Price matching and the drawbacks

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