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Gledhill Torrent Stainless thermal stores

Open vented stainless steel thermal stores

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The NEW family of stainless steel Thermal Stores from Gledhill

Gledhill TORRENT STAINLESS OV thermal store

Torrent Stainless OV

Ideal for the homeowner to utilise inputs from numerous sources simultaneously, such as a wood burning stove, a solid fuel boiler and/or a conventional gas or oil boiler. If you have PV solar available this too can be added via the immersion heaters.

If you can generate heat energy, the TORRENT Stainless OV will store it, giving it back as mains pressure hot water and/or central heating.

An open vented thermal store can do so much - and safely!

For example, you can generate mains pressure hot water without the need to pressurise the unit. No pressure means totally safety and no need for G3 Building Regs as with an unvented hot water cylinder.

Use a boiler that is capable of operating 'open vented' and run with improved operational efficiency as no primary heat exchange is necessary. Higher efficiency reduces energy usage and therefore running costs.


Torrent Stainless OV SOL

With all the benefits of the TORRENT Stainless OV, the SOL model incorporates a high-efficiency solar coil to facilitate the direct connection of a 'wet' solar system.

With this additional capability the TORRENT Stainless OV SOL can enjoy the benefit of solar energy to supplement heat output requirements for mains pressure hot water and central heating.

With each of the energy inputs contributing to the demands of the whole the thermal store can offer more economical use of fuels and therefore running costs.

A typical configuration might be set to prioritise the use of natural solar energy or solid fuel inputs when available, only energising a gas or oil boiler should the need arise.

As with the standard OV model, a boiler capable of running 'open vented' requires no primary heat exchanger in the cylinder. This means that boiler heated water can be introduced directly into the store improving operational efficiency.

Gledhill TORRENT STAINLESS OV SOL solar thermal store


Gledhill TORRENT STAINLESS SP SOL solar thermal store with sealed primary

Torrent Stainless SP SOL

To complete this new family of Torrent Stainless thermal stores is the SP SOL model.

There can be circumstances when the primary circuit from the boiler needs to be pressurised. Be this because of local site conditions, or simply because you happen to have a boiler that requires you to heat the cylinder via a heat exchanger, the SP model is the one to choose.

The SP Model ('sealed primary') sees the introduction of a boiler heat exchanger. This enables you to mix open vented heat sources such as a wood burner with a pressurised primary of say a System Boiler. This useful addition simply adds another dimension to the wonderful capabilities of the TORRENT Stainless family of thermal stores.

Mains pressure hot water derived from an open vented cylinder. Instant response when configured to provide central heating, and the combined output from a number of mixed heat sources make the use of a thermal store the obvious choice. Browse through our range of Gledhill TORRENT Stainless thermal stores t see which one best suits you.

You are most welcome to call and discuss any of these products or your requirement.

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