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Gledhill hot water products

Gledhill Products and Spares

Vented Cylinders, Unvented Cylinders, Solar Cylinders and Thermal Stores


HPS - The UK's Number One Supplier of Gledhill Products - Nationwide Delivery


Gledhill cylinders and hot water products for GAS & OIL BOILERS, SOLAR ENERGY, HEAT PUMPS, WOOD BURNING STOVES, AGA and ELECTRICITY.

Thermal Stores, Vented and Unvented mains pressure hot water and household hot water management systems, Gledhill have a solution.

Gledhill products are innovative systems setting the standard for the central heating and hot water industry in the UK.

Continual innovation - NEW PRODUCTS

  • Take a look at the new EnviroFoam - environmentally friendly with increased insulation value.

  • Stainless Steel open vented cylinders - all the advantages of stainless steel with surprising savings on cost

  • The new Torrent Mulitfuel Range - thermal stores with multi-fuel capability.


Copper Cylinders and Tanks

A huge range of top quality hand built cylinders. With the advantage of short lead times, Gledhill cylinders can be produced in many configurations which is a particularly useful for retro-fit or difficult installations.
Copper hot water cylinders


Domestic Copper Cylinders

Copper Cylinders and Combination tanks


Gledhill spares

A complete range of spare parts is available to facilitate repair of most Gledhill hot water storage products. Input your requirement on our online form for further help.

Gledhill spares

Spare parts for your

Gledhill Appliance repair

Gledhill Spare Parts Section



Available in Direct and Indirect models, the TORRENT is a thermal store providing mains pressure hot water whilst remaining open-vented. Highly insulated, the TORRENT requires no annual servicing or Building Regs Approval (G3) as do unvented cylinders.
Gledhill Torrent Greenheat thermal store


Torrent thermal store cylinder



Replaces the Torrent Multifuel. An open-vented thermal store, Solar input, and mains pressure hot water from a single cylinder. Can be configured to accept heat from several sources and allows solar energy to contribute to the domestic heating and hot water.
Gledhill TORRENT GREENHEAT SOL (SOLAR) thermal store


Torrent thermal store cylinder with solar input


Boilermate BP

The clever system that produces mains pressure hot water whilst remaining open vented. The boiler primary can be connected to facilitate an open vented or sealed central heating system configuration giving you maximum flexibility for your installation. All this housed tastefully in a cabinet. No annual service requirments on BM BP.
Gledhill Boilermate BP

The NEW generation Boilermate BP by Gledhill

Gledhill Boilermate


Boilermate Explained

 Boilermate has evolved over many years. You may be considering installing a Boilermate for the first time or even replacing an older model. Visit this section to understand more about the Boilermate system. Learn how a Boilermate works and what your options are.
How a Boilermate works

Understand your Boilermate

Understanding a Boilermate



Understanding a PULSACOIL

 - Electrically heated Open vented system that provides hot water at mains pressure. Delightfully easy to install and tastefully housed in a cabinet, the Pulsacoil makes the most of available off-peak electrical tarriffs to minimise operating costs.
Gledhill Pulsacoil and Pulsacoil Solar

Pulsacoil BP - Off-peak mains pressure hot water


Stainless Lite


 - Unvented mains pressure hot water cylinders. Using the most up-to-date technology Gledhill have produced arguably the most efficient unvented hot water cylinders available today. Offered in direct, indirect, solar direct or twin coil configurations, the Stainless Lite represents unparalleled value and quality with maximum functionality.
Gledhill Stainless Lite unvented hot water cylinders

Gledhill Stainless Lite Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Stainless Lite


Stainless Lite Slimline

 is available in a range of sizes from 60 litres to 210 litres in both indirect and direct versions. There are also 180 litre and 210 litre solar versions available. Properties that previously could not enjoy mains pressure hot water can now enjoy powerful, mains-pressure performance, incorporating high flow rate controls, ideal for multi bathroom homes, where baths fill very quickly.
Stainless Lite Slimline unvented hot water cylinder

Stainless Lite Slimline Unvented Cylinder

Slimline Stainless LiteSLIMLINE


Buffer vessels

 are simply a duplex stainless steel tank that contains a volume of water, increasing the overall volume of the heating distribution system.

Buffer vessels are designed to reduce 'short cycling' in systems fed by heat pumps.

Designed for primary water only at up to 3.5 bar.

Buffer store - Buffer vessels

Buffer store for use with a heat pump

 Buffer Store


Stainless Steel vented cylinder

2010 Part L Compliant. Compression Fittings. 10 Year Warranty. Ideal where water is aggressive in very hard water areas
Stainless steel hot water cylinders

EnviroFoam Stainless Steel vented hot water cylinder

EnviroFoam Stainless


SUNSPEED Cylinders

 - A range of gravity fed cylinders designed to accept solar energy. Whether you are installing a full solar system, or replacing an existing cylinder and wish to be 'Solar Ready', this top quality range will enable you to reduce warm-up times and fuel costs by utilising renewable energy.
Sunspeed - solar hot water cylinders

Sunspeed Solar Cylinder

The UK's number one supplier of Gledhill products

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