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Gledhill PulsaCoil PCS ECO Stainless

Gledhill Pulsacoil PCS ECO - The new high efficiency stainless steel thermal store that utilises off-peak electricity

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The newest generation of Pulsacoil has arrived. The Pulsacoil PCS ECO Stainless, as the name suggests, is now constructed from stainless steel where previously copper was utilised.

The clever little unit that installs unobtrusively in any convenient location, gathers energy from an off-peak electricity supply then returns mains pressure hot water on demand. Simple!

The PulsaCoil is an ideal hot water system for any property, but especially suits the requirements of properties that only have electricity as a fuel source or for landlords who do not want to be shackled with responsibilities under the Gas Safety Regulations and issues regarding boiler servicing. PulsaCoil also makes dividing a larger property into smaller units so much easier when it comes to the provision of domestic hot water. Importantly, the Pulsacoil does not require a pressure vent pipe making its positioning within a dwelling much more flexible.

Electricity is a clean and simple alternative to more complicated gas fired systems. Furthermore, there's no need to worry about routing a flue for exhaust fumes as there would be with gas or oil, so there's far more flexibility siting the unit than there ever could be with a conventional boiler.

The Pulsacoil Stainless has evolved. Utilising plate heat exchange technology the Pulsacoil delivers mains pressure hot water at a constant and stable temperature - just like other thermal stores in the Gledhill Family (Boilermate & Torrent ECO) - protecting all users from the dangers of scalding.

Gledhill Pulsacoil

Now you can retain electric in apartments and achieve a pass SAP rating


Immersion heaters that can never scale

Because the immersion elements are situated in the same primary water all the time and this water is not renewed, no scaling takes place, even in hard water areas. The prognosis for heater life is therefore excellent.



Gledhill PULSACOIL ECO Stainless Technical and Prices

Pulsacoil Stainless  differs from earlier models and requires additional components.

For more detailed information click here.


PulsaCoil Eco Stainless Manual

For full Technical Specification, Installation and Servicing Instructions please see manual

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Guide to selecting which size Pulsacoil

PulsaCoil ECO Stainless Technical Specification & Price

Description   PCS 150 ECO PCS 180 ECO PCS 220 ECO

Special Offer Price inc VAT

  854.00 906.08 947.85
Appliance height mm 1145 1275 1575
Appliance width mm 560 560 560
Appliance depth mm 630 630 630
Approx weight (empty) kg 45 48 55
Approx weight (full) kg 192 213 265
Total volume (nominal) litres 147 165 210
Volume heated (on-peak) litres 80 85 111
Heat loss kWh/24hr 2.01 2.16 2.54
Max. hot water flow rate litres/min 15 15 15

An external off-peak controller (programmer) must be used with the Pulsacoil. For a suitable unit please see Options below...


PulsaCoil ECO Stainless Model Selection

Bedroom   1-2 2-3 2-3 2-4
Bathroom   1 or 1 1 2
En-suite shower room   1 1 2 1
Model selection data *
(7 hour off-peak)
Model size PCS150ECO PCS150ECO PCS180ECO PCS220ECO
Model selection data *
(10 hour off-peak)
Model size PCS150ECO PCS150ECO PCS150ECO PCS180ECO


Gledhill Pulsacoil options, spares and accessories


Pulsacoil Immersion Heater (Specially calibrated for thermal store operation) Incalloy 3kW with dual (control and safety) thermostat 65.08


Gledhill in-line scale inhibitor (fitted and wired) 79.55


Annual maintenance agreement POA


Off-Peak Economy 7 Controller

HE7T Compatible Off-Peak Economy 7 programmer with timed boost function (Details) 115.75

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PULSACOIL is a Trade Name. A PULSACOIL is an aesthetically pleasing unit that provides mains pressure hot water safely from a vented store with the benefit of low cost energy.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of PULSACOIL

1. The appliance is supplied on a 100mm high installation base and comes complete with a separate top up cistern. This can be installed with or without an overflow/warning pipe as required.
2. An allowance for the top up cistern and the 100mm installation base are both included in the minimum cupboard dimensions (Please see installation manual for more details).
Please Note: Where the mains water hardness exceeds 200ppm provision should be made to treat the feed water to reduce the rate of accumulation of lime scale. The optional factory fitted in-line scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order for hardness levels between 200 and 300 ppm (mg/l). Where the water is very hard ie 300ppm (mg/l) and above the optional polyphosphate type scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order.






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