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Gledhill PulsaCoil Installation, Service and Repairs

PULSACOIL Installation Repair and Service engineers by region




The clever little unit from Gledhill that provides mains pressure hot water from a vented thermal store

  • Have you been enjoying the performance of a Pulsacoil?

  • Do you wish to change your system over to Pulsacoil?

  • Do you wish to repair a Pulsacoil?

  • Do you wish to install the newest model in place of an existing Pulsacoil?

  • Would you like to begin a maintenance contract on your unit?

Whatever your requirement you may wish to call us first for advice. Click for our support

Unless you are a trained installer experienced with Gledhill products you will of course need to book the services of an installation engineer.

Many plumbers take one look at a Gledhill unit and either 'run for it' or find they can't book you in for at least the next four weeks! Not much use if you have no hot water!!

So, you need somebody who understands the product and won't try to 'big it up' because they feel intimidated when they take the front cover off. This is where we might be of assistance.

If you should come across a plumber who is 'happy to have a go' just be careful they don't leave you worse off. If parts or spares happen to be the solution to your problem be advised that they are likely to be specific to Gledhill. In other words, just because it looks familiar don't assume it is. Only an engineer familiar with Gledhill products will know what is required for sure.

For example, immersion heaters cannot be replaced with something just because it will fit in the same hole! Thermal stores (the family to which Pulsacoil belongs) require a specific type of heater. An inexperienced plumber may not know that! Fail to use the right product and the unit will not work correctly. You, on the other hand, will still be expected to pay the plumber for his time and so called 'repair'.

Pulsacoil has evolved over the years. Pulsacoil 2000, Pulsacoil A Class, Pulsacoil BP, Pulsacoil PCS Eco and now the Pulsacoil Stainless. Each is subtly different from the others. Each have slightly different installation requirements. We can help you get it right.


Pulsacoil Engineers by region

We are unable to provide the names of installers and engineers for the whole country at present, but hope in time to collate a list of businesses and individuals for you to contact for help.

For the moment, we may be able to offer assistance for the supply, repair and installation of Gledhill products in the following areas:

Give us a call

  For other geographical regions we are unable to help at present. Try contacting several plumbers who are known to have a good reputation. We are available to provide a certain level of technical support to them if required.

Hampshire   If you wish to be included on our register of Gledhill Installers please email your details to our support team
West Sussex  



If we cannot fully help please accept our apologies. We will continue to add to our list of support engineers.


Gledhill PULSACOIL engineers, repairers and installers



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