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Stainless steel hot water cylinders

Direct and Indirect open vented stainless cylinders

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Gledhill ENVIROFOAM Stainless hot water cylinder

Choosing Stainless Steel hot water cylinders

When changing or installing an open vented water cylinder you can now choose between copper or stainless steel as the preferred material for construction.

Insulated with EnviroFoam, this range of stainless steel hot water cylinders represents the ultimate in hot water storage.


EnviroFoam Stainless Steel vented cylinders feature:

  • 10 Year manufacturer's guarantee

  • The 900 x 400 unit is supplied with 22mm compression fittings as standard.

  • The 1050 x 400 unit supplied with 22mm compressions and a secondary return or shower take-off

  • 900 x 450 comes complete with 22mm compression fittings and secondary return or shower take-off

  • 1050 and 1200 x 450 have a 28mm cold feed and hot water draw off, and 22mm secondary return or shower take-off.

  • Cylinders are supplied with O ring for seating immersion element (sold as extra)


Optional extras: Price: inc VAT
  • Incalloy Immersion heater suitable for a stainless steel cylinder boss (highly resistant to corrosion and recommended over standard heater elements particularly in hard water areas). Note: Do not fit an immersion heater designed for a copper cylinder.



GLEDHILL Envirofoam Stainless Cylinder Prices


Indirect Stainless Steel vented

hot water cylinder

With Boiler coil and immersion heater boss

Size mm Size inches Capacity Price Inc VAT

900 x 400

36 x 16 98 271.23

1050 x 400

42 x 16 116 272.83

900 x 450

36 x 18 117 271.95

1050 x 450

42 x 18 140 299.99

1200 x 450

48 x 18 162 325.80

Immersion Heater

(optional extra)  



Direct Stainless Steel vented

hot water cylinder

Electrically heated only (no boiler coil)

900 x 450

36 x 18 117


Immersion Heater

(optional extra)  



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Stainless steel hot water cylinders





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