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The New Gledhill BoilerMate - Mains Pressure Hot Water from a thermal store

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Generate mains pressure hot water safely from an open vented thermal store

No danger - No G3 installation requirements - No certification - No annual service

You no longer need to worry about dangerous equipment when you think about a mains pressure hot water system. An open vented Thermal Store simply can't explode as it remains open vented at all times. This makes ownership a pleasure and with no annual service bills to worry about you'll save money over the life of the unit.

With the simple yet clever addition of a mains-pressure heat exchanger a normal gravity pressure open-vented vessel can be transformed to provide mains pressure hot water with performance to match any other system.

Choose the size of BoilerMate thermal store you require from one of the following options:


BMSTOVPP (Pre-plumbed)

Gledhill Boilermate Stainless OV. Mains pressure hot water from a stainless steel thermal store for a fully open vented heating system.

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A fully open vented Thermal Store for use in a system with an open vented primary boiler circuit and open vented radiator circuit.

Easy to install, the BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed (PP) can be fitted to existing systems, including the existing boiler and controls, where appropriate. Unlike unvented cylinders, the BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed does not require expensive safety controls or the need to plumb temperature and pressure relief pipework to an outside wall.






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An open vented Thermal Store compatible for use in a sealed system or with a System Boiler.

As it is vented and therefore inherently safe, there is no requirement for a safety discharge and therefore is not subject to G3 Building Control Regulations – thus simplifying installation and system maintenance enormously for the landlords or homeowners.




BMSTSPPP (Pre-plumbed)


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The BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed (PP) offers a ‘plug n play’ solution, featuring a pre-plumbed kit to help reduce installation time and standardise plumbing configuration across multiple dwelling sites.

Part of the BoilerMate SP range, the BoilerMate SP Pre-Plumbed is the perfect partner for central plant heating systems.

inherently safe, there is no requirement for a safety discharge pipe work. BoilerMate is not subject to G3 Building Control Regulations, thus simplifying installation and does not require annual maintenance - representing a real bonus to landlords in regard to system maintenance and a cost saving for every Boilermate owner whether business or private


Boilermate - Recognised by many of the UK's national house builders

The Boilermate system has been widely used throughout the UK within the 'new-build' sector and by discerning householders for many years. Recognising the superior performance and advantages of the system over others, Boilermate has become a household name throughout the country.

Boilermate has evolved

Throughout many years of service the Boilermate system has passed through several evolutionary stages. Each upgraded model superseded all previous models. All though function has varied slightly over years the Boilermate's primary function of providing mains pressure hot water has remained a constant. The BOILERMATE BMST STAINLESS will be suitable to replace older models even if a small amount of adjustment to pipework is necessary.

Convert your present hot water system with Boilermate

Boilermate is also popular if you wish to convert an existing gravity hot water system to mains pressure. Being so easy to install Boilermate lends itself to retrofit, upgrading your household hot water system with little fuss.



If you are looking to upgrade your system (which can be done with consummate ease) or you wish to replace an earlier version of Boilermate you might like to call our office to learn more.

For further more detailed explanation of the Boilermate Thermal Store please click here or call for advice.



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