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The New Gledhill fully open vented pre-plumbed thermal store BoilerMate OV PP

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Pre-plumbed open vented thermal store

Gledhill Boilermate Stainless OV. Mains pressure hot water from a stainless steel thermal store for a fully open vented heating system.

Gledhill Boilermate Stainless OV schematic diagram

The BOILERMATE STAINLESS OV is an open vented thermal store design for use on a fully open vented heating system and is suitable for use with a heat only gas or an oil boiler. It is ideal for upgrading existing traditional hot water systems.

Easy to install, the BoilerMate OV is supplied Pre-Plumbed (PP). This makes installation simple and quick as pre-installed plumbing (includes zone valve, boiler circulating pump, plate heat exchanger and store pump) makes the install a simple plug and play exercise.

BoilermMate Stainless can be retro fitted to an existing system making it a great way to convert a traditional open vented gravity hot water system to mains pressure.

Unlike unvented cylinders, the BoilerMate OV Pre-Plumbed does not require expensive safety controls or the need to plumb temperature and pressure relief pipework to an outside wall.



Price List





  Price (inc VAT) 1294.35 1310.73 1373.80  
  ErP rating   C C C  
  Heat Loss Watts 47 55 62  
  Capacity litres 151 181 211  
  Height mm 1118 1306 1494  
  Width mm 550 550 550  
  Max DHW flow litres 12.6 12.6 12.6  
  For optional extras please see 'Options and Additions' table below  
  Suggested dwelling        
    Bath 1 or 1 2  
    Shower 1 1 1  
    Bed 1-2 2-3 2-4  

Suggested Boilermate size is for guidance only based on typical and assumed usage and

 may vary according to actual usage.

Brochure Technical Manual

Glehill Thermal stores brochure (Oct 2020)

Glehill Thermal stores technical manual (Oct 2020)



1. The height stated is to the top of the unit plus 550mm, which should allow for

a 25mm thick shelf/board and room for servicing. This will need to be increased

by 125mm if the automatic fill method is chosen.

2. OV model heated by a 30kW boiler at 15 l/m.

3. Full thermal store volume reheated from 35C to 75C.

4. Please refer to the installation manual for the minimum cupboard space

requirement. This can be reduced by approximately 35mm if the insulation

is removed from the plate heat exchanger.

  Options and additions  
  Part Code Item Description inc VAT  
  BCK001 Open vented header tank kit 59.35  
  BCK003 Switch Back-up conversion 6kW to 3kW kit 125.80  
  BCK004 Timer Kit 122.00  
  BCK006 Second heating zone kit 95.76  
  BCK007 Pump overrun kit 42.25  
  BCK008 DHW scale prevention kit 91.48  
  Please refer to Brochure and installation manual for technical help.  


Prices correct at time of publication.

These are special offer prices and subject to change without notice.

No delivery charged on 'Options and Additions' if included with Boilermate Stainless order.

A delivery charge will apply if ordered separately.


Generate mains pressure hot water safely from an

open vented thermal store


No danger - No G3 installation requirements - No certification - No annual service


Boilermate - Recognised by many of the UK's national

house builders

The Boilermate system has been widely used throughout the UK within the 'new-build' sector and by discerning householders for many years. Recognising the superior performance and advantages of the system over others, Boilermate has become a household name throughout the country.

Boilermate has evolved

Throughout many years of service the Boilermate system has passed through several evolutionary stages. Each upgraded model superseded all previous models. All though function has varied slightly over years the Boilermate's primary function of providing mains pressure hot water has remained a constant. The BOILERMATE BMST STAINLESS will be suitable to replace older models even if a small amount of adjustment to pipework is necessary.

Convert your present hot water system with Boilermate

Boilermate is also popular if you wish to convert an existing gravity hot water system to mains pressure. Being so easy to install Boilermate lends itself to retrofit, upgrading your household hot water system with little fuss.




If you are looking to upgrade your system (which can be done with consummate ease) or you wish to replace an earlier version of Boilermate you might like to call our office to learn more.

For further more detailed explanation of the Boilermate Thermal Store please click here or call for advice.



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