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Gledhill TORRENT Stainless OV thermal store

Fully Open vented stainless steel thermal store

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Torrent Stainless OV

Mains pressure hot water from a vented hot water cylinder

Gledhill TORRENT Stainless OV thermal store

The hot water cylinder that provides mains pressure hot water while remaining safely open vented and utilising numerous heat sources that others simply can't touch

Ideal for the homeowner to utilise inputs from numerous sources simultaneously, such as a wood burning stove, a solid fuel boiler and/or a conventional gas or oil boiler. If you have PV solar available this too can be added via the immersion heaters.

If you can generate heat energy, the TORRENT Stainless OV will store it, giving it back as mains pressure hot water and/or central heating.

An open vented thermal store can do so much - and safely!

For example, you can generate mains pressure hot water without the need to pressurise the unit. No pressure means totally safety and no need for G3 Building Regs as with an unvented hot water cylinder.

Use a boiler that is capable of operating 'open vented' and run with improved operational efficiency as no primary heat exchange is necessary. Higher efficiency reduces energy usage and therefore running costs.

Available sizes: 150 | 180 | 210 | 250 | 350 LITRES

Hot water and heating from a thermal store

The Torrent Stainless OV provides high-performance mains pressure hot water via the plate heat exchanger. The heat energy provided from the primary heat source and/or solid fuel input is circulated from the store to the central heating circuit, allowing rapid heat-up of a radiator system.

Electric-only installations with a thermal store

In situations where no gas or solid fuel source is available the Torrent Stainless OV can be heated exclusively from the two 3kW electric immersion elements which will provide both hot water and heating for the property*. The obvious application is apartments where no gas main is available, but this could also be appropriate where electricity is available from a renewable or low carbon source.

It is possible for the auxillary heating to be supplied from the store, but this is only powered by the lowest immersion. It is important to note that the design heat loss, of the rooms to be heated, must be less than the lowest immersion power.

If connected to the standard grid then the thermal store is the perfect solution to maximise usage of an off-peak tariff where arrangements should be made to power the lower immersion element, in order to minimise the running costs.

*Appropriate calculation should be made to ensure sufficient energy for CH


Gledhill TORRENT Stainless OV schematic diagram


Gledhill TORRENT Stainless brochure Gledhill TORRENT Stainless manual
Gledhill TORRENT Stainless brochure Gledhill TORRENT Stainless manual


Gledhill TORRENT Stainless OV Technical Specification








inc VAT

1173.95 1278.75 1379.33 1498.95 1729.63

ErP rating   B B B C C
Unit height mm 1118 1306 1494 1744 1765
Unit diameter mm 550 550 550 550 630
DHW volume litres 140 170 210 250 350
Max hot water flow rate l/min 26.5 26.5 26.5 26.5 26.5
Maximum Dwelling Type Bath 1 1 2 2 3
Shower room - 1 1 2 2
Bed 1 - 2 2 - 3 2-3 3 - 4 4 - 5



Optional feed & expansion tank (F&E)
Type 1 Standard F&E tank supplied with standard plastic float and valve 75.00 inc VAT
Metal High temperature copper header tanks are also available. Click here for details




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