Economy 7 Combination Hot Water Cylinders

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Economy 7 Combination cylinders by Gledhill

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Economy 7 Combination copper hot water cylinder

Direct and Indirect Economy 7 hot water cylinders with combined cold water compartment

A feature of an Economy 7 cylinder is the addition of a second immersion heater port (unlike a standard direct cylinder that only has one). The lower of the two immersion heaters is typically connected to an economy supply/tariff to reap the savings of cheap rate electricity, whereas the upper heater is normally used as a boost element and energised manually when demand for hot water exceeds that stored.

An E7 DIRECT Combination cylinder combines a cold water header compartment at the top of the cylinder (removing the need for a separate header tank).

An E7 INDIRECT Combination adds a boiler coil (heat exchanger) to the cylinder configuration facilitating a heat input from a separate boiler. Now the cylinder can be heated by an off-peak supply with boost if required and a boiler.

Economy 7 cylinders are well insulated so as not to loose the heat stored overnight. All cylinders are compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations. Furthermore, because insulation the insulation contains Polyol which is derived from rapeseed oil the entire cylinder is 100% biodegradable and will cause no future harm to the environment.


Economy 7 Direct Combination hot water cylinder prices

Diagram of an Economy 7 Direct combination hot water cylinder

Economy 7 DIRECT Combination

  ex VAT inc VAT  
Size (H x Dia)     Hot/Cold        
900 x 450 Direct COMBINATION   65 / 20     poa  
1050 x 450 Direct COMBINATION   110 / 40     poa  
1200 x 450 Direct              COMBINATION   120 / 40   403.92 484.70  
1400 x 450 Direct              COMBINATION   144 / 40   407.04 488.45  
1500 x 450 Direct              COMBINATION   166 / 40   430.67 516.81  
1800 x 450 Direct              COMBINATION   210 / 40   468.90 562.68  


Somebody offered to price match? Click here to read more.....INDIRECT



Economy 7 Indirect Combination hot water cylinder prices

Diagram of an Economy 7 Indirect combination hot water cylinder

Economy 7 INDIRECT Combination

  ex VAT inc VAT  
900 x 400 Indirect             COMBINATION   65/15   366.87 440.24  
900 x 450 Indirect             COMBINATION   85/20   366.87 440.24  
1050 x 400 Indirect            COMBINATION   86/20   385.84 463.00  
1050 x 450 Indirect            COMBINATION   115/20   385.84 463.00  
1200 x 400 Indirect            COMBINATION   110/20   436.65 523.98  
1200 x 450 Indirect            COMBINATION   120/40   436.65 523.98  
1500 x 400 Indirect            COMBINATION   140/25   471.27 565.53  
1500 x 450 Indirect            COMBINATION   166/40   471.27 565.53  
1800 x 400 Indirect            COMBINATION   145/30   542.73 651.28  
1800 x 450 Indirect            COMBINATION   210/40   542.73 651.28  
1400 x 400 Indirect            COMBINATION   126/20   451.97 542.37  
1400 x 450 Indirect            COMBINATION   144/40   451.97 542.37  

Additions and optional extras

Options available at additional cost include:

  Compression fittings (instead of threaded bosses) 12.00
  Shower take-off 17.50
  Additional Tappings (pairs) 18.00
  Secondary return 12.00
  Immersion Heater (Incalloy) 3kW alloy coated (corrosion resistant) 34.00
  Drain valve (drain cock) [threaded boss included on cylinder] 7.50
  Hi recovery boiler coil (pumped) - indirect model only 45.00
  Super Recovery coil (Pumped)


  Ball valve and overflow (supplied loose - not installed) 15.00
  Additional immersion boss (already supplied with two) 18.00
  Gravity boiler coil with 28mm connections (Large bore for AGA, wood burner etc) - Indirect model only


(please add to stated price)

Positioning tappings to your specification does not normally attract a supplementary charge



When sizing a cylinder remember the stated dimensions do not include the thickness of insulation. You must add the thickness of insulation to the cylinder dimension to obtain the finished size. This is most important if the cylinder needs to pass through a doorway or access hatch. Make sure you have enough room to make connections and service immersion heaters.
Note: Cylinder illustrations are for guidance only. The relative location of the hot water outlet to immersion heaters (and boiler connections where applicable) may positioned to customer requirements thereby enabling easy fitting/retrofit. Please refer to Designing a Cylinder section.

In the cylinder industry nothing should be assumed or regarded as 'standard'. Features such and as the position of connections, a shower take off, drain, boiler control stat/sensor pocket or any other item should be stated as a requirement, not assumed.

Economy 7 off peak combination hot water cylinders



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