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Super-high recovery indirect hot water cylinders

Super fast recovery copper hot water cylinders by GLEDHILL

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SUPER FAST RECOVERY hot water cylinders

For use where rapid recovery (re-heat) of the cylinder contents is required

The quick recovery cylinder has a special high performance heat exchanger which reduces boiler cycling and maximises the time the boiler can operate in condensing mode.

Its special coil enables recovery in as little as five minutes, assuming a correctly sized boiler is installed. The reduction in boiler cycling and faster recovery time combine to reduce the cost of producing hot water. The super recovery cylinder’s high efficiency coil and its ability to heat only the water you require means that a smaller capacity cylinder can be used. This makes it the ideal replacement choice where space is an issue but rapid reheat times are still required.

The cylinders 35mm of high efficiency EnviroFoam insulation further reduces standing losses – particularly beneficial during summer months.



  • 2017 ErP compliant

  • Standard 1 inch male & female tappings with optional compression fittings available

  • 10 year warranty

  • Recovery from 5 minutes

  • Recovers as it is being used

  • For use with fully pumped systems

  • 100% recyclable

Gledgill Envirofoam super fast recovery copper hot water cylinders


High recovery Indirect copper hot water cylinder diagram

Cylinder size (mm) 600 x 350 750 x 400 900 x 450
ErP Class C C C
Cylinder capacity (Litres) 46 80 120

Recovery time in minutes to raise temp by 40 degrees C for different boiler outputs

  9kW 11.9 21.1 31.7
  12kW 8.9 15.8 23.8
  15kW 7.1 12.7 19.0
  24kW 4.6 8.2 11.9
  30kW 3.9 6.9 9.5

Super high recovery INDIRECT vented copper cylinders

£ ex VAT £ inc VAT  
Size  (mm)     Capacity litres      
600 X 350 IND SUPER HIGH REC     46   £323.89 £388.67  
750 X 400 IND SUPER HIGH REC     80   £353.50 £424.20  
900 X 450 IND SUPER HIGH REC     120   £412.77 £495.32  

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Additions and optional extras

Options available at additional cost include:

  Compression fittings (instead of threaded bosses) 12.00
  Shower take-off 19.50
  Additional Tappings (pairs) 18.00
  Immersion Heater (Incalloy) 3kW alloy coated (corrosion resistant) £34.00
  Drain valve (drain cock) [threaded boss included on cylinder] 7.50
  Additional immersion boss/s (already supplied with one) 18.00

Positioning tappings to your specification does not normally attract a supplementary charge

When sizing a cylinder remember the stated dimensions do not include the thickness of insulation. You must add the thickness of insulation to the cylinder dimension to obtain the finished size. This is most important if the cylinder needs to pass through a doorway or access hatch. Make sure you have enough room to make connections and service immersion heaters.

Illustrations are for guidance only and should not be interpreted as an exact representation.

All cylinders are compliant with Part L Building Regulations.




Direct and Indirect Copper Hot Water Cylinders






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