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Terms governing the supply of spares for Gledhill products

Thank you for using Gas Appliance Guide as your supplier for plumbing and heating products and spares.

Your attention is drawn to certain important issues relevant to general safety when purchasing spares for, repairing and/or working on Gledhill appliances.

Working on any appliance designed to provide and/or store hot water without the relevant degree of competence, training and in some cases certification is not only very dangerous, it may also be a criminal offence.

Unless you are regarded in the eyes of the Law as competent and/or possess the relevant degree of training or experience under terminology set out by any governing body or institution you are actively discouraged from attempting to effect repairs to an appliance. To do so could result in serious injury or death to you and others.

Ignoring this polite warning could result in prosecution under the Law if you proceed with an illegal repair.

For reasons of safety this Company has no desire to expose any person to a situation where their safety or the safety of others might become an issue. We therefore decline from selling spare parts to any person who intends to attempt installation without the appropriate understanding and/or training.

This company acts as an agent for the sale of Gledhill (the manufacturer) products. We do not claim to be expert on any of the products we handle and will refrain from offering advice which might be misconstrued as a diagnosis of fault. Any person seeking accurate and detailed diagnosis and/or fault finding services should contact a suitably trained person or Gledhill the manufacturer. This company does not offer installation, diagnostic or repair services.

We must assume for the purpose of these conditions that any person who attempts or makes a purchase of spare parts from this company is doing so as a bona fide tradesperson or is acting as the duly appointed representative of a suitably qualified person and acting upon their instruction. Indeed, by making a purchase you so declare.

Any person making or attempting to make a purchase of spares undertakes to assure this company that repairs will not be attempted or effected on any product other than by a suitably competent person.

Please be advised that spares sold for the repair of Gledhill products may by associated directly or indirectly with a function of safety when fitted to an appropriate unit. For this reason all spares sold for the repair of Gledhill products will be deemed to have a safety function and in keeping with our general terms and conditions (for reasons of safety) will not be accepted for return if bought in error whether or not they remain unused.

Spare parts ordered from this company shall be deemed for the purpose of English Law as a 'special order items' and the order made by a suitably qualified and experienced tradesperson.


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