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TORRENT Multifuel SP thermal stores by Gledhill - Older model  





The TORRENT MULTIFUEL Thermal Store seen below has been superseded by the


Please use the following information to identify an existing unit, understand how it operates or identify a suitable replacement








Open vented thermal store with Sealed Primary providing mains pressure hot water.


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Sealed Primary TORRENT Multifuel SP thermal store


TORRENT Multifuel SP thermal store

The Torrent MultiFuelStore SP is intended to operate in conjunction with a sealed system boiler as its primary energy source, introducing heat to the cylinder via a heat exchanger (boiler coil).


The cylinder is fitted with tappings for a woodburning or solid fuel stove (with back boiler capability) as standard. The tappings can be blanked off if not required at the time of installation.

Schematic of typical installation

TORRENT Multifuel SP thermal store schematic diagram

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Hot water and heating outputs

The Torrent MultiFuelStore SP provides high-performance mains pressure hot water.


The central heating circuit is normally supplied directly from the boiler although an auxiliary heating circuit can be connected from the store in which case the solid fuel source will provide energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. Obviously, the energy output that can be provided by the auxiliary heating circuit will be limited to the energy input from the solid fuel appliance.


This sealed primary (SP) model permits the use of a smaller feed and expansion tank because the main central heating circuit does not need to be catered for. This can make positioning the F&E tank more straightforward.


Torrent thermal store has electric back-up

An immersion element is provided and it is normally envisaged that this will be used as an emergency electric back-up for hot water and to provide emergency energy to the auxiliary heating circuit. However, if a low carbon or renewable electricity source is available then this could be connected to the immersion element to provide heat input to the thermal store, decreasing the use of the fossil fuel boiler and hence reducing running costs.


The Torrent is now available with (SP) or without (OV) a primary heat exchanger (boiler coil). If you wish to fire your boiler directly into the shell of the cylinder and run an open vented central heating system choose the OV Model. If you wish to run a sealed primary and central heating system (i.e. pressurised radiator circuit) choose the SP Model. Don't hesitate to ask for advice.
Don't forget, if you wish to add Solar Energy choose the SOLAR version

Torrent Multifuel Sealed Primary SP thermal store - Prices and Technical

TORRENT Multifuel SP thermal store size and price table

Multifuel Store







Price Inc VAT   1063.54 1149.41 1235.30 1327.41 1755.55
Please be aware, these prices are SPECIAL OFFERS and are likely to alter without notice

An optional Incalloy Immersion Heater (calibrated to run at store temperature) is available for use with the Torrent range of Thermal Stores. Please be aware that whilst this immersion heater looks similar to many standard types it is designed to operate at the much higher temperatures typical to thermal stores. Installing a standard immersion heater in a thermal store can give the impression of a fault because of its inability to reach the required operational temperature.


inc VAT

An F&E Tank (feed and expansion tank) is required when installing a thermal store which provides both a vessel into which the store may breathe and means by which to maintain the store level. The F&E tank is not included with the cylinder. A 16 litre model is available as an optional extra and should be specified at the time of order. You are of course at liberty to supply and use an alternative vessel of the appropriate size.


inc VAT


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