The Torrent Greenheat is a superior quality Thermal Store. Thermal stores are the inherently safe way to produce mains pressure hot water without the dangers associated with their counterpart - the unvented cylinder.

Apart from being safe, thermal stores have several other advantages. Possibly the most notable is the fact that a thermal store can safely accept thermal energy from just about any heat source whether it be controllable or uncontrollable.

  • Conventional boiler systems (gas or oil)

  • Solar panels

  • Wood burning stoves & back boilers (or other uncontrollable heat sources)

  • Gravity or pumped heat sources

  • Heat recovery systems (Ground source & Air source)

  • Electricity (from grid or renewable sources)

Gledhill Torrent Greenheat thermal store

The simple fact is a thermal store remains open vented and as such cannot suffer from dangerous 'over pressure' scenarios that could lead to explosion as with an unvented cylinder. Heat sources that cannot be regulated such as wood burning stoves (deemed uncontrollable) can safely supply heat to a thermal store - something you are prohibited from doing with an unvented cylinder.

When you look at the multitude of heat sources that are commonly available and consider that the energy from each may be harnessed safely by a single device, giving back in the form of heating and/or hot water, you can begin to appreciate the unique value of the Thermal Store.

Advantages don't stop there. When appropriately incorporated into a heating system a thermal store can pass heat accumulated from all alternative energy sources to the central heating system - a feature only possible with a thermal store. So now, for example, your stove can heat your entire home, not just the room in which it sits.

Mains pressure hot water from a Torrent Greenheat

The fundamental task of a Torrent Greenheat thermal store is to provide mains pressure hot water safely. One might however look beyond the comfort of a safe and vented appliance to its operation. The environmental credentials of the Torrent Greenheat are impressive.

Torrent Greenheat is insulated to a very high specification with an industry leading Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and global warming potential of ZERO.

Domestic hot water (DHW) is generated via a highly efficient plate heat exchanger through which cold water is generated instantaneously upon demand. This method completely removes the risk of Legionella and has the potential to produce impressive flow rates of up to 35 litre/min (2 x 35 litres/min or the 350 models).

Torrent Greenheat is available in five different models.

To facilitate use on a multitude of system configurations the Torrent Greenheat is available in five distinct models, each of which are available in a range of sizes.