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Gledhill Boilermate

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Gledhill Boilermate

Gledhill Boilermate BP - Mains Pressure Hot Water from a thermal store



Boilermate provides mains pressure hot water from a vented cylinder

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Mains pressure hot water from an open vented thermal store

Whilst highly desirable, mains pressure hot water has historically brought with it the dangers associated with unvented (pressurised) cylinders - EXPLOSION! Until the advent of the Boilermate that is!

With the simple yet clever addition of a mains-pressure heat exchanger a normal gravity pressure open-vented vessel can be transformed to provide mains pressure hot water with performance to match any other system.

This is basically the principle the Boilermate employs. High performance mains pressure hot water without any of the baggage unvented systems bring with them - G3 Building Regs, Specialist Installers, Risk of explosion, pressure relief issues and pipework etc.

Boilermate has been around for quite some time. The system has been widely used throughout the UK within the 'new-build' market and by discerning householders how have recognised the superior performance and advantages of the system over others - previous generations include Boilermate 2000 and Boilermate A Class ranges.

Boilermate BP

If you are looking to upgrade your system (which can be done with consummate ease) or you wish to replace an earlier version with the new Boilermate BP you might like to call our office to learn more.

As a replacement

For those wishing to replace earlier versions of the Boilermate and Systemate please be advised that while the function remains similar the new BP model differs internally. Earlier models contained various auxiliary components (pumps, circuit boards, timers etc). The design of the new Boilermate BP has made the function and therefore the need for certain internal components on the earlier model redundant. The new unit will however need a couple of items added externally in order to function - namely a circulating pump and programmer.

It must also be mentioned that the function of the new Boilermate BP is to produce mains pressure hot water only - unlike some earlier models of Boilermate that also managed domestic heating requirements. When replacing some earlier models minor adaptation of pipework may be necessary to facilitate a Y or S plan installation.

A 3kW immersion heater and a choice of scale inhibitors is available. These however are options and must be stated and ordered at time of purchase.

The removal of certain internal components has made the Boilermate visually and operationally less intimidating to plumbers unfamiliar with the product and/or the principles of Thermal Storage. It has also reduced the purchase cost substantially!

For further more detailed explanation of the Boilermate Thermal Store please click here or call for advice.


Boilermate by Gledhill

Boilermate BP - Mains hot water from a Thermal store

The BoilerMate BP is an open vented thermal store. Although it produces hot water at mains pressure it has no need for pressure relief or safety equipment as by virtue of its open vented status the unit is totally safe.

Reflecting not only in the cost of purchase and installation, more importantly this makes the Boilermate a wise choice for the safety conscious home owner and landlord.

The BoilerMate BP is suitable for use with a gas or an oil boiler and the heating system can be either open vented or sealed.

Boilermate is a superb and simple way to upgrade an existing traditional gravity hot water system to mains pressure.

Mains pressure hot water
BoilerMate BP thermal store provides:
• Mains pressure hot water giving ‘power shower’ performance
• Up to 22 litres per minute filling a standard bath in 3-4 minutes
• A dry roof space eliminating the risk of freezing pipes/tanks in winter
• Increased system efficiency, reducing running costs.

Gledhill Boilermate BP

Low cost installation/maintenance
Easy to install BoilerMate BP can be fitted to existing systems, including the existing boiler and controls, where appropriate. Unlike unvented cylinders, BoilerMate BP does not require expensive safety controls or the need to plumb temperature and pressure relief pipework to outside. External expansion vessels are not required and wiring is the same as any traditional Y, S or W plan system. BoilerMate BP thermal stores do not require any annual maintenance.

The BoilerMate BP is supplied without any system kit, which can be purchased as optional extras or be provided by the installer. The base unit is suitable for either open vented or sealed heating systems with the appropriate system kit.

BS6700: 1997 states that with unvented cylinders, the “maintenance and periodic easing of temperature relief valves is particularly important”. This is a landlord’s responsibility in tenanted properties and annual checks must be carried out by a CITB trained person or installer, having G3 approval. As BoilerMate BP is vented and therefore inherently safe, there is no requirement for a safety discharge, and it is not subject to Building Control Regulations – thus simplifying installation and system maintenance enormously for the landlords or homeowners.

BoilerMate BP for use with gas or oil boilers and renewable energy

BoilerMate BP is a mains pressure vented hot water thermal store suitable for open vented and sealed heating systems. The unit can be fitted with a conventional ‘S’ plan, ‘Y’ plan or a control system of your choice, and the controls can be plumbed inside the appliance giving a clean finish within the airing cupboard.
• Header tank can be sited remotely
• Insulated in high performance metal cased foam

How the BoilerMate BP works

The BoilerMate BP thermal storage system is supplied with primary water from the boiler which heats the store via a primary coil. Secondary water flows directly from the cold mains into a secondary coil where it is heated by the store before being delivered to the taps.

Below are a couple of typical configuration schematics for the Boilermate BP model.


Configuring a Boilermate for an Open Vented heating system

Configuring A Boilermate for a sealed heating system

Boilermate schematic diagram when used with an open vented heating system

Boilermate schematic diagram when used with a sealed heating system


Parts supplied with both unit types: Feed and expansion cistern. Cistern ball valve & float. Thermostatic blending valve. Mini expansion vessel

Factory fitted options: In-line scale inhibitor if you are installing in a hard water area, Electrical Immersion Heater as a back-up heat source in case of boiler failure.

Optional extras or supplied by installer for OV units: Pump with isolating valves. 3-port flow share valve. Bypass valve. Manual air vent.

Optional extras or supplied by installer for SP units: Pump with isolating valves. 3-port flow share valve. Bypass valve. Manual air vent. Pressure relief valve. CH expansion vessel. System filling kit including hose and pressure gauge.


Boilermate BP technical information

Gledhill Boilermate Techical Specifications


1. The appliance is supplied on a 100mm high installation base and comes complete with a separate top up cistern. This can be installed with or without an overflow/warning pipe as required.
2. An allowance for the top up cistern and the 100mm installation base are both included in the minimum cupboard dimensions.

Please Note: Where the mains water hardness exceeds 200ppm provision should be made to treat the feed water to reduce the rate of accumulation of lime scale. The optional factory fitted in-line scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order for hardness levels between 200 and 300 ppm (mg/l). Where the water is very hard ie 300ppm (mg/l) and above the optional polyphosphate type scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order.

Thermally advanced
It is not widely appreciated that uncased foam insulated cylinders can lose up to 40% of their insulation value within weeks of manufacture and can emit dangerous smoke if involved in a fire and therefore the BoilerMate BP has been designed with an outer metal case. As with all Gledhill cylinders there is no release of ozone depleting substances or harmful emissions.

Cold and hot water distribution design – all models
BoilerMate BP models are designed to be fed directly from the mains. They fulfil the requirements of Water Regulations and therefore do not require a check valve to be fitted to the supply pipe. The performance of the BoilerMate BP is directly related to the adequacy of the cold supply to the dwelling. This must be capable of providing for those services which could be required simultaneously and the maximum demand should be calculated. BoilerMate BP will operate at dynamic pressures as low as 1.5 bar (at the appliance) which must be available when local demand is at its maximum, but the preferred range is between 2 and 3.5 bar. As a general guideline, although a 15mm external service may be sufficient for the smaller dwelling with one bathroom, a 22mm service is preferred (25mm MDPE) and should be the minimum for larger dwellings.

Water treatment
The Domestic Heating Compliance Guide published in May 2006 requires a water treatment device to be fitted where the hardness is greater than 200ppm. Full details are given in the Design & Installation manual supplied with all BoilerMate BP units.

Optional plastic pipework – all models
This appliance is suitable for use with plastic pipework as long as the material is recommended for the purpose by the manufacturer and is installed fully in accordance with
their recommendations.

Gledhill Boilermate BP - Sizes and Prices

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Boilermate BP Price List

Model Description  

Price inc VAT

BM BP 125

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store 125 Litre


BM BP 145

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store 145 Litre


BM BP 185

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store 185 Litre


BM BP 215

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store 215 Litre


BM BP 225

Gledhill Boilermate Thermal Store 225 Litre


BM XB 078

Optional Boilermate Immersion heater



Gledhill in-line scale inhibitor (fitted and wired)

Please be aware: If you require an electrical immersion heater this must be ordered as an option and the cost added to the purchase price. Immersion heaters are not supplied as standard on the Boilermate.


We don't need a price promise...


These are already the lowest prices available in the UK!






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