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Pulsacoil SOLAR

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PulsaCoil BP Solar






The Solar version of the Pulsacoil has been discontinued. Although the 'Pulsacoil' is still available and as popular as ever there is no longer a solar version.



For a solar compatible alternative product please see Torrent Eco SOL - the Gledhill thermal store with multiple heat inputs - one of which being solar energy.


You are most welcome to call for more information or advice.








Please visit the new Pulsacoil PCS









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PulsaCoil SOLAR

The PulsaCoil BP Solar is the optimum way to take advantage of both solar energy and low cost electricity tariffs, such as Economy 7. The unit will provide mains pressure hot water with power shower performance, making it the cost effective, energy efficient solution for apartments.

Solar panels collect the solar energy and this is then used to heat the water in the PulsaCoil BP. This process happens during the day, so consequently, when the off-peak electricity demand is activated, it does not require as much energy to bring the store up to the desired temperature. Solar panels and hot water cylinders harvest the sun’s energy all year around and therefore potentially bring down your energy bills by a considerable amount, typically providing up to 50% of the year round energy required for hot water.

The PulsaCoil BP Solar is based on the original principal of the PulsaCoil BP, but with the addition of the solar input, so you still benefit from the innovative design helping to make installation and ongoing maintenance straightforward for the installer and immersion elements which are situated in the same primary water at all times, so no scaling takes place, even in hard water areas.

Immersion heaters that don't scale up

No annual servicing required
Pulsacoil immersion heating elements reside in the same primary water all the time (as this water is not renewed) so even if you live in a hard water area no scaling takes place. The appliance’s advanced construction ensures a long life and the primary store design removes the need for annual checks on sacrificial anodes, found on many unvented units.



PULSACOIL SOLAR - Technical and Prices

Pulsacoil explained click here.

PulsaCoil BP SOLAR - schematic diagram

Technical Manual

PulsaCoil BP SOLAR

For full Technical Specification, Installation and Servicing Instructions please see manual

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Gledhill PulsaCoil BP installation, service and technical manual



Gledhill Pulsacoil BP SOLAR Price List


Price inc VAT



Special Offer INFO

PC BP 150 New Gledhill Pulsacoil SOLAR 150 Litre  

PC BP 180

New Gledhill Pulsacoil SOLAR 180 Litre


PC BP 220

New Gledhill Pulsacoil SOLAR 220 Litre


Gledhill Pulsacoil spares and accessories


Pulsacoil Immersion Heater (Specially calibrated for thermal store operation) Incalloy 3kW with dual (control and safety) thermostat  
XC007 Thermostatic blending valve  


Gledhill in-line scale inhibitor (fitted and wired)  


Gledhill phosphate type inhibitor/softener  

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PULSACOIL is a Trade Name. A PULSACOIL BP SOLAR is a thermal store in a cabinet with both electrical and solar inputs. This offers an aesthetically pleasing unit that provides mains pressure hot water safely from a vented store with the benefit of low cost energy.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of PULSACOIL



Guide to selecting which size Pulsacoil BP SOLAR

1. Flow rate is based on a 35 degree C temperature rise and assumes that the recommended pressures and adequate flow are available at the appliance.

2. The heat losses from thermal stores should not be directly compared with the heat losses from unvented or vented cylinders because they are treated differently in SAP. The SAP calculator takes account of the type of store and various correction factors are included to reflect the different ways that the hot water and heating operates.

3. This height allows for the installation of the single F&E cistern in the same cupboard as the PULSACOIL BP appliance (complete with ball valve - if specified).

4 For complaince with Building Regulations Part L1.

Please refer to the full installation, service and technical manual for further information.

Please Note: Where the mains water hardness exceeds 200ppm provision should be made to treat the feed water to reduce the rate of accumulation of lime scale. The optional factory fitted in-line scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order for hardness levels between 200 and 300 ppm (mg/l). Where the water is very hard ie 300ppm (mg/l) and above the optional polyphosphate type scale inhibitor should be specified at the time of order.






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