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Air Source Heat Pumps
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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Domestic ground source heat pumps - DIY ground source

Vaillant Worcester Ideal Calorex
Vaillant geoTHERM Ground Source Heat Pumps Worcester GreenStore ground source heat pumps Ideal GROUNDTHERM ground source heat pumps CALOREX ground source heat pumps

Vaillant GeoTHERM

High quality Vaillant engineering in an attractive casing makes this heat pump range unobtrusive.

Designed to work with vented, unvented and thermal store Heat Pump cylinders and Underfloor or conventional radiator heating systems.

Worcester Greenstore

Available in two options - System or Combi.

The System heat pump is intended to be used in conjunction with a remote Heat Pump Cylinder (vented, unvented or thermal store). The Combi version with a built-in 185 litre water store.


A ground source heat pump range designed specifically with the UK in mind. A perfect solution for reducing the carbon footprint.

The GROUNDTHERM range can heat a home and provide hot water at the same time. Ideal claim hot water at 65C, without the need for electric heating back up.

Calorex Heat Pumps

Widely regarded a the UKs leading manufacturer of heat pump technology with an unrivalled reputation for product design, development and the highest technical and engineering standards.

This reputation has arisen from the intrinsic reliability and quality of products over the last 30 years.

Vaillant ground source heat pumps

Worcester ground source heat pumps

Ideal Ground Source Heat Pumps

Calorex Ground Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant ground source heat pumps

Worcester ground source heat pumps

Ideal ground source heat pumps

Calorex ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps




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