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DRAYTON Central heating controllers and programmers

Drayton Central Heating Controls


Programmers and timers, Central heating controls, 24 Hour mechanical timers, 7-Day digital programmers and timers, Wired and wireless Digistat programmers


Drayton - a leading brand in the field of programmers and timers for central heating systems and boilers. Manufactured by Invensys, the Drayton brand represents quality and innovation.

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Drayton Lifestyle

Electronic Central Heating Programmers


Drayton Lifestyle Si model

Specially designed for Landlords

Drayton Lifestyle central heating programmer   Drayton Lifestyle heating programmer for landlords with service interval timer


Drayton Digistat

Digital Roomstats and Central Heating Programmers combined with roomstats


Drayton RF Digistat

Wireless Digital Roomstats and Central Heating Programmers combined with roomstats

Drayton Digistat   Drayton wirelss Digistat RF


Drayton RTS Room Thermostats

A range of thermostats that utilise electronic sensing for accurate temperature control


Drayton Digistat +C RF

An innovative cylinder thermostat that transmits temperature information wirelessly

Drayton RTS room thermostat   Drayton +C cylinder thermostat


Drayton Solar Thermal Controller

A new controller to integrate solar energy into a domestic hot water store


Drayton Combi-Stat Room Thermostats

Accurate temperature control for 2 or 3 wire combination boiler control up to 6 amp

Drayton solar thermal controller   Drayton combi-stat room thermostat


Drayton SM1 and SM2 Mechanical Timer/Programmers

Single and twin channel control suitable for most domestic pumped and gravity systems


Programming Guides, Installation Instructions and Brochures

Whether you've lost the originals or wish to ascertain a unit's suitability

Drayton SM mechanical central heating programmer   Drayton central heating programming instructions

DRAYTON Central heating programmers and timers




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Gas Fires

Electric Fires

Hot Water Cylinders

Thermal Stores

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