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Drayton Solar Thermal Controller and Sensors

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The new Drayton SHR 521 20 Solar Controller was developed for Solar Thermal Systems and can be used for domestic hot water heating. It was designed with the typical UK solar thermal application in mind and will call for back-up heating from the boiler when solar power is not available. It is very easy to set up and use. The new multifunctional display shows the collector or store temperature and simple pictograms inform the user about the function and real-time situation of the controller and the system.


Drayton SHR 521 solar controller features, functions and prices:

  • Stylish, easy to install housing

  • Back-lit LCD display with pictograms

  • Simple 3 button operation

  • Intuitive menu mode

  • Thermostat function provides backup heat from boiler in winter

  • Prevents collector and store from over heating

  • Monitors the complete solar thermal installation

  • Minimum-maximum temperature limits

  • Switch-ON and switch-OFF temperature difference

  • Frost protection / cooling function

  • Security switch-off

  • Dimensions: 172 x 110 x 46 mm

  • 2 sensors included (1xFKP6 | 1xFRP6)

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Drayton Solar Controller + Sensors  
Solar Controller Datasheet [pdf]












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