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Siemens are one of the leading manufacturers in the field of controllers, programmers and timers for your central heating systems and boilers.

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Siemens RWB27 Time Switch

The RWB27 programmer by Siemens is ideal to provide single channel control for single zone applications or Combination Boilers (in conjunction with appropriate thermostat).

Siemens RWB27 Electronic Menu Driven Time Switch features:
Unique menu driven programming
2 or 3 daily on/off
1 hour boost
Manual override
Backlit display


Available literature:   Info and Data Sheet   |  Installations and User Instructions

Siemens RWB29 M/C Programmer

The RWB29 is the twin channel 'bigger brother' of the RWB27. The additional channel of control makes this unit particularly suitable for systems requiring separate central heating and hot water program capability.
Siemens RWB29 Electronic Menu Driven Time Switch features:
unique menu driven programming
2 Channel
2 or 3 daily on/off
Up to 3 hour boost
Manual override
Battery backup
Backlit display


Available literature:   Data Sheet   |   Installations and User Instructions


Other Siemans Control  
A full range of Siemens Control are available. If you cannot see the one you require please don't hesitate to call.

Siemens RWB30E 1 Channel 1 Circuit Time Switch


Siemens RWB2E 10 or 16 options programmer








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