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Sunvic Controls have been producing quality heating controls for over 60 years and provide a wide range of timers, room thermostats, programmers and time switches as well as radiator valves, motorised valves and cylinder stats. All of Sunvic's controls are manufactured to British standards and have approval from WRAS, BEAB and SABS.


Radio Controlled Room Thermostat

Wireless programmable room thermostat for ease and freedom of use. Minimal installation requirements and large digital display with simple-to-use controls and program features.

With a range of 30m (typical) it allows for use around the home negating the need to visit the site of the boiler every time you wish to set your heating times.


Digital Programmable Room Thermostat

With a large digital display and easy-to-use controls, the TLX6501 programmable room thermostat from Sunvic is simple to operate, easy to understand but most importantly, functional and reliable.








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