Santon Aquarius Under Sink Water Heater

Unvented Electric Storage Water Heaters




Aquarius water heaters are typically installed directly under the sink and are commonly referred to as 'Point of Use' heaters. The majority of units are installed directly under the point of use for domestic or light commercial duty such as washing cups and dishes. They can be supplied direct from the mains or from an elevated cistern or feed tank.



Mains fed electric under counter water heater

If the water heater is supplied from the water mains, a vented tap or vented mixer must be used. This ensures that the water expansion during the heat up cycle is allowed to vent without restriction.

To see Vented Taps please click here.

Aquarius vented undersink units can also be supplied by a cold water cistern (feed tank). In such cases, the base of the cistern must be no higher than 10 metres above the top of the water heater and a vent pipe must be used.


  • The 3kW element provides a fast recovery from cold whereas the 1.2kW version means that Aquarius can be fitted in situations where the power supply may be limited, such as portable or temporary buildings.
Guarantee stated here applies to UK installations only.


Santon Aquarius
Aquarius 7L 3kW      
Aquarius 7L 1.2kW      
Aquarius 10L 3kW      
Aquarius 10L 1.2kW      

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