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Vaillant Solar Technology F.A.Q's

Solar technology from Vaillant


Throughout Europe, Solar technology is fast becoming the favourite renewable energy source and with global warming and energy prices making headline news, is it any wonder? The following F.A.Q section is designed to help with any basic questions you may have. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.



Why Should I Consider Using Solar Energy?


How Does A Solar DHW System Work?


Where Are The Collectors Fitted?


Why Should I Opt For An Evacuated Tube Collector Instead Of A Flat Plate Collector?


Surely There Isn't Enough Sunshine In This Country To Make It Work.


Why Do I Still Need A Conventional Boiler?


How Much Would A Typical Solar System Cost?


Are There Any Financial Incentives To Install Solar Power?


When Is the Vaillant auroTHERM available?


What Additional Products Will I Need To Complete The Installation?


How Do I Design A Solar System?


Do I Need To Be A Registered Installer?




Why should I consider using solar energy?
Firstly, because of reduced CO2 emissions, you can rest assured that itís better for the environment and you will also be helping to conserve the worldís rapidly diminishing supplies of gas and oil. Secondly, utilising solar energy for hot water will help to reduce the impact of rising oil and gas prices and means that you wonít be so reliant on these conventional fuels. Thirdly, installing a good solar system will add value to your property.


How does a solar DHW heating system work?

The principles are quite straightforward. Solar panels absorb energy from the sun to heat a fluid that is pumped in a sealed circuit to an indirect coil in a water cylinder to heat the domestic water.


Where are the collectors fixed?

Vaillantís lightweight, compact and high performance solar collectors are easily sited on pitched or flat roofs. Ideally the solar panels should be oriented to face south, but they work with only a small loss of efficiency sited between 30 degrees east and 40 degrees west of south. And with design awards to their credit, they look good as well.


Why should I opt for an evacuated tube collector instead of a flat plate collector?

Evacuated tube collectors like the Vaillant auroTHERM exclusive are superior to flat plate collectors in situations where there is a big difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature of the solar fluid. They are the number one choice in central and northern Europe and in general for all those wanting to optimise their year-round solar energy usage. In addition, the vacuum inside of the collector tubes offers the best possible insulation.


Surely there isnít enough sunshine in this country to make it work.

Vaillantís solar DHW heating system uses solar radiation to generate heat. This means that it doesnít rely on just direct sunlight, it uses diffused radiation too so that the system also works on cloudy days. The DTI has calculated that there are sufficient radiation levels across the whole UK to provide useful energy. In areas with lower solar radiation, the number of collectors can be increased to maximise solar energy usage. The design of Vaillantís collectors ensures that they capture solar radiation at a wide range of angles making them more efficient than other designs during spring and autumn.


So why do I still need a conventional boiler?
Vaillantís solar DHW heating system will provide around 50-60% of annual domestic hot water requirements, but an auxiliary power source is required to ensure thereís always hot water on demand. In addition, the boiler is also necessary to operate the central heating system. Vaillantís intelligent solar control unit facilitates automatic switching between solar and conventional power when there is insufficient solar energy available to heat the water Ė particularly useful during the winter months. The system will work with a new Vaillant boiler and is also compatible with most existing heating appliances but remember to check the controls configuration to make sure the boiler only fires when there is little or no solar energy available.


How much would a typical solar system cost?
There is not really a typical cost - it depends on the number of panels required, the size of the cylinder and on installation details such as accessibility for the scaffold and the complexity of the wiring.


Are there any financial incentives to install solar power?
The Clear-Skies initiative funded by the Government encourages homeowners to apply for grants of up to £400 to assist with installing a solar energy system. Whatís more, a system that is installed by a heating professional attracts VAT at 5%. Please refer to http://www.clear-skies.org for grant availability.


When will Vaillant auroTHERM exclusive be available?
Vaillant auroTHERM exclusive solar systems will be available from April 2006.


What additional products will I need to complete the installation?
Research indicates that installers prefer to purchase all their solar equipment from one manufacturer so Vaillant has ensured that we can supply all the necessary components. This includes the collectors, fixing brackets, solar pump station, stainless steel cylinder, solar control, and even the insulated flexible stainless steel Map source: Solar Trade Association (STA) pipes to run between the collectors and the cylinder. The only other items you may need are electrical cables and copper pipe work.


How do I design a solar system?
Vaillantís solar training course will give installers details of how to design solar systems and advice on all the key issues. Our expert technical team will be able to assist with general design questions and a dedicated technical engineer will help tackle more complex work, (a service charge may be incurred). We are committed to working in partnership with our installers, offering the very best industry support and training to develop the solar heating market.


Do I need to be a registered installer?
To be eligible for the Clear-Skies grant, a registered Clear-Skies installer must install the solar system - refer to http://www.clear-skies.org for the latest requirements.




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