Worcester Bosch Greenskies Solar Accessories

Solar Energy Solutions from Worcester-Bosch  


With a typical well-sized solar system, householders can satisfy over half of their hot water requirements from Solar energy. As well as the complete package and individual components available, a vast range of accessories are also available in order to ensure that your Solar system works to it's full potential.



Worcester Bosch Greenskies Solar Accessory price list

Product Price Code:
Solar Extra Roof Hook Kit    
Solar Slate Roof Hook Kit    
Solar Slate Roof Extra Support    
Solar Bolt Fixing Kit    
Solar Clip Connector Kit    
Solar Panel Stand Bracer    
Solar Additional Stand Bracer    
Solar Air Vent Connector    
Solar Flat Roof Stand    
Solar Fluid (10L)    
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Download Greenskies Brochure - Brochure.pdf
Download Greenskies Technical Brochure - Tech Brochure.pdf
Download Greenskies Controller Brochure - Control Brochure.pdf
Download Greenskies Solar Pump Station Brochure - Pump Brochure.pdf



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