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Free quotations for underfloor heating supplies

FREE QUOTATIONS for underfloor heating

Provide details of your underfloor heating project and get a free quote for materials


Simply provide us with details of your underfloor heating project and let us work out what materials are needed

There can be no doubt that underfloor heating is fantastic. But do you know what an underfloor heating system comprises?

To be honest, even if you are very familiar with underfloor heating it is easy to forget something or miscalculate. That's why those who have experienced the complexities happily leave the quantity surveying to the specialists.

You are of course welcome to order all the components individually according to your own assessment, or buy the individual components as you realise you need them, but why put yourself through so much bother when you can have all your materials calculated and quoted for without obligation?

Underfloor heating involves more components than a traditional radiator system. The type of floor, the position of the manifold, the size of each zone and other factors all contribute to the list of components you will need and of course the quantities. Take advantage of a NO-OBLIGATION FREE QUOTATION and take the worry out of guesswork.

If, once you receive your free quotation, you wish to order simply contact us and mention your unique quotation reference number. You will be delighted when all the materials needed to complete installation arrive together. There will be no need to go hunting around for bits and bobs you might have forgotten. Furthermore, you may receive items you had no idea were needed.

In short, a quotation makes perfect sense. It will ensure you get everything you need to complete the job, it costs you nothing for the service AND you will enjoy TRADE PRICES.


To get your FREE QUOTATION for underfloor heating components...

Just send us details of your project. We will require...

  1. A drawing with dimensions showing the floor area you wish to heat. (Multiple floors will necessitate multiple drawings - one per floor). Engineering drawings are great, but a properly dimensioned sketch will also suffice. You don't need to be an artist, the drawing just needs to be clearly marked and understandable. We cannot produce a quote based simply on room size or floor area - so please don't ask. We need to understand the project in its entirety.

  2. On the drawing you need to indicate where you propose to locate the manifold/s. (This is most important as it will impact the quantity of underfloor heating pipe required) Manifold/s are necessary on each floor of your project. (i.e. ground floor, first floor, loft etc). Size of manifold or number of manifolds will be relative to the total floor size, the number of zones on that floor and the most efficient/economical way to run pipework.

  3. Each area (known as a zone) will require control by a thermostat (a zone stat). There are hard wired and wireless options. Please state your preference. Zone stats feed temperature information to the wiring centre which in turn controls heat distribution via the manifold.

  4. You can do so by email, Fax or post. Your project will be treated with priority and a no-obligation TRADE PRICE quotation for the hardware to complete the job will be prepared. If you would like to talk things through first then why not give us a call. We are here to help.


Please note:

1. We are merchant suppliers of underfloor heating equipment. Due to the wide geographical area we cover we cannot and do not offer an installation service.

2. We are unable to offer 'rough estimates' or 'ballpark figures' based on a loose description of a project or installation area. We are not being awkward, it is simply too difficult to guess as quotes take into account many factors that might not seem obvious. It is much quicker to send us details and take advantage of the no-obligation quote. Installers might quote by the square metre - we however must be more exacting.

3. As merchant suppliers our quotes will be TRADE PRICES intended for the supply of goods to persons in the trade. By seeking a Trade Price Quote (rather than a Retail Price Quote) our dealings with you will be subject to Trade Terms and Conditions.



If you would like clarification of any aspect of this service, need advice with providing details or would like to chat before requesting a quote please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be very pleased to hear from you.



Underfloor heating quotes FREE



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