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Parts and spares for MYSON underfloor heating systems


Components and individual parts for Myson underfloor heating

If you have decided not to avail yourself of a FREE QUOTATION for the project you are working on, or simply wish to obtain the parts individually, you might find the following component list useful...
  Item Description  
Anchor Clip Used to hold pipework in place when laying directly on insulation (such as Celotex or Kingspan). An alternative to using the 'egg box' panels into which you can clip pipework. poa
Border Insulation Used when laying a screed floor. This border insulation minimises heat lost from the slab into adjacent walls. Just as importantly, it acts like a perimeter expansion joint - prevents structural damage as floor slab expands when hot. poa
Cable Ties Generally useful for securing and holding items. poa
Expansion joint strip Used in particularly large areas to divide a screed floor into segments. The jointing strip allows for thermal expansion of the slab and helps avoid cracking. poa
Flexible pipe cover A conduit type sleeve that helps protect pipework from damage in high traffic areas during insulation. Also useful to strengthen pipework and resist the rigours of screed laying. poa
Pipe bend support An additional support to reinforce and hold pipework if alternative supporting methods aren't used. poa
Screed Tape Jointing tape used to hold sheets of slab insulation (such as Celotex or Kingspan) from moving prior to pouring screed. Tape ensures screed does not get between slabs and compromise insulation. poa
Cliprail fixing system
Cliprail strips Plastic strips into which underfloor heating pipework is clipped to hold it in place prior to screeding. Strips are held in place on top of insulation slabs with barbed clips (see below). poa
Cliprail pins 'U' shaped plastic clips with barbed ends designed to hold Cliprail inm place on top of insulation slab. These clips easily push into the insulating slab, barbs resist being pulled out. poa
Cliprail system Once the Cliprails are secured in position these process of laying underfloor heating pipe is very quick. Pipework is gently pushed into the clip receptacles where it is held firmly pending screed being poured. poa
Naked Pre-formed Plate fixing
Naked Pre-formed Plate Also referred to as 'egg box' system, sheets of a pre-formed profile are laid on top of insulating slabs - into which pipework is laid. The pre-formed shaped allow for straight and curved pipe layouts. Screed can be poured across the egg box sheets when ready. poa
Naked PFP fixing dowels Fixing dowels to hold the Naked PFP sheets in place during installation of pipework. poa
Insulation Board A foam insulating board sandwiched between sheets of foil. For use below screed. Pipework is clipped directly onto this board using proprietary products, then screed poured on top. Very high value insulation available in different thicknesses. poa
Tacker nails Horseshoe shaped saddle clips that push into slab insulation to hold pipe still. Can be used manually (by hand) or in conjunction with Tacker Tool (shown below).  
Tacker Tool Designed to be used with the Tacker Nails (shown above). Tool minimises the amount of bending necessary - a great bonus where large areas of floor is to be heated.  
Compact pipe de-coiler A pipework dispenser. Coil sits over the central rotating spindle and pays out as required by installer. A superb piece of equipment for the professional and amateur keeping long pipework coils under control.  
Pre-formed plate system A hybrid of the 'egg box' plate and floor insulation in one. Segments clip together to form an insulated floor covering ready for the installation of underfloor pipework.  
XPS Floating floor panel Insulating panels with pre-cut channels ready to receive underfloor heating pipework.  
Flat floor plate To be laid over XPS FF panels  
Floating Floor System Image shows XPS panels and floor plates working together  
Floating floor system install Pre-cut channels make installation of pipework simple  
Diffusion Plate (3 channel) For use between joists on a suspended timber floor. Diffusion plates are secured across joist and pipework slots into pre-formed channels. Plates help reflect heat upward.  
2 Channel (Double) diffusion plate As above, but with two channels per plate.  
Single Zone control unit A combined pump and mixing valve for a single zone of underfloor heating.  
A Rated pump pack A circulating pump with temperature limiting valve for UFH manifold.  
2 Zone Manifold Flow and return manifolds with flow meters, pressure gauge and air vent. Circulating pump (pump pack) mounts on end.  
Manifold ball valves To isolate manifold from heating flow and return  
Pressure gauge and air vent set Mounted on manifold, gauge confirms sealed system pressure, vent allows air to be purged from underfloor heating loops.  
PEX Pipe Underfloor heating pipe. Supplied in coils to pre-determined lengths.  
Pex pipe in Clip rail    
Single room small area packs For small areas and single rooms, underfloor heating can be bought in kit form - Underfloor Heating in a Box! Containing all you will need for a predetermined area - simply buy the kit that best suits the floor area of your project.  
Wired 24v room thermostat    
Actuator head    
Single channel programmer    
Programmable thermostats    
MRT1 room thermostat    
MRTE Digital room thermostat    
Touch Screen    
Wiring Centre    


MYSON underfloor heating parts and spares



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