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Horstmann Heating Controls, models and prices

Horstmann is the UKs leading designer and manufacturer of controls for domestic heating systems and advanced metering equipment, offering a range of state-of-the-art solutions.

Established in 1854 as a manufacturer of timepieces, Horstmann subsequently diversified into many areas of precision engineering, even including the construction of automobiles in their pioneering days.

Horstmann first became involved in energy control products in the 1950s and during the next two decades developed an extensive range of central heating programmers and time switches. When control technologies migrated from Electro-mechanical to electronic designs, Horstmann was at the forefront and has subsequently established an excellent reputation for the high standard, quality and reliability of its products.

Domestic products available from Horstmann range from simple but effective mechanical programmers, cylinder and room thermostats and valves through to sophisticated electronic programmers that meet the very latest building regulations criteria.

Horstmann is also a leading name in the Utilities markets where the Company provides products for load switching, measurement and control of electricity, gas and water tariffs as well as complete turn key metering systems.

Horstmann Controls is a member company of the Entity Group, operating from state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing base in South Bristol.

Horstmann Controls has achieved the quality standard ISO 9001 and is approved by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets for the certification of electricity meters.

Wet Systems

(Boiler / Radiators / Hot Water)

Electric Systems

(Economy 7 / Controls / Direct Cylinders)

Controls for Central Heating (Wet systems / Programmers / Thermostats)

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Horstmann Central Heating Controls


425 diade

425 Series - Electro-mechanical Programmers

Simple programmer easy to understand and use


CentaurPlus - Electronic Programmer

Single and twin channel electronic programmer

ChannelPlus H47 Version 2

ChannelPlus XL - Electronic Programmer

A series of electronic programmers with up to 4 channels of control


ServicePlus Electronic Programmers

Ideal choice for landlords. The unit with service interval reminder


CentaurStat - Programmable Thermostat

Single channel Combined roomstat and programmer. Ideal for Combi boilers.

ThermoPlus - Programmable Thermostat

Simple and easily understood. Single channel with hypothermia protection.

Room Thermostat

HRT3 Room Thermostat

Simple to use and understand. A roomstat with 10A contacts.

Cylinder Thermostat

HCT2 Cylinder Thermostat (Cylinderstat)

Bi-metal sensor suitable for use on most domestic cylinders or large water pipes.


DRT1 & DRT2 Room Thermostats

Electronic room stats - standard or programmable versions.


ZonePlus Series 2 - Motorised Valves

2 port and 3 port motorised valves suitable for heating systems


Controls for Hot Water and Electric Heating (Systems utilising electricity for heat source - Economy 7 etc)


Electrisaver - Electronic Boost Control

The Electrisaver is a simple push button electronic timer that saves energy by remembering to switch off when you forget.


E7BX - Water heating boost control

These simple controls are intended for use where cheap overnight heating of water is controlled by the Electricity Company's Radio Teleswitch, Radio Telemeter or tariff time switch.

Horstmann BX2000 water heater boost controller

BX2000 - Water heating boost control

Always gives priority to the off-peak supply. Automatically cancels any boost that has been selected prior to the off-peak supply becoming available

Horstmann Quartz Economy 7 immersion heater programmer

Economy 7 Quartz - Immersion Heater Control

The standard by which all other water heating controls are judged, the Economy 7 Quartz is the all-time best seller in water heating controls.

Horstmann Electronic Economy 7 immersion heater controller

Electronic 7 - Immersion Heater Control

The widely used Electronic 7 immersion heater control has been upgraded to give it more contemporary look with a larger back lit display and incorporating updated electronics.


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