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 Cylinders with one boiler coil, two boiler coils and three boiler coils

Twin Coil Solar Cylinders
A wide range of solar cylinders, with different combinations of features including:
  • Single coil Solar cylinders
  • Twin Coil Solar Cylinders
  • Triple Coil Solar cylinders
  • Vented twin coil or triple coil solar cylinders
  • Unvented twin coil or triple coil solar cylinders
  • Vertical solar cylinders
  • Horizontal solar cylinders
Cut out of a solar twin coil cylinder showing the coils inside

Twin coil and triple coil solar cylinders

Premium quality cylinders specifically designed to work in conjunction with the domestic heating system. Solar cylinders are manufactured with either twin or triple independent coils. One or two coils are designed to transfer heat from an independent heating source, (eg. transferring heat from a central heating boiler or solid fuel boiler to the water in the solar cylinder) and the solar coil, which is manufactured from high efficiency finned tube with a large surface area, to transfer heat from the solar panels into the solar hot water cylinder.

The boiler coil which (if fitted) is manufactured to BS 1566, can also be supplied as high recovery to improve reheat time and reduce boiler cycling. Cylinder connections and sizes can be specified as required. The high efficiency solar coil is fitted with 15mm or 22mm compression and with all connections protruding beyond the insulation. This makes these high quality twin or triple coil solar cylinders one of the most efficient manufactured in the UK.

Twin coil solar cylinder diagram

Letter on diagram Dimension
A Cold feed connection
B Hot water draw off
C Boiler flow connection
D Boiler return connection
E Immersion heater port
F Solar flow connection
G Solar return connection
H Solar stat pockets

Twin coil solar hot water cylinder price list (from April 2013)

Size (mm) Total Store Capacity (Litres) Winter Store Capacity (litres) ex VAT including VAT

'Cylinder Type' twin coil gravity hot water cylinder (as illustrated above)

1050 x 400 120 93 399.75  
1200 x 400 135 93 403.33  
1300 x 400 147 93 404.90  
1400 x 400 160 93 407.63  
1500 x 400 172 93 409.71  
1800 x 400 210 93 467.55  
1050 x 450 144 97 396.99  
1200 x 450 168 97 421.59  
1300 x 450 184 97 434.56  
1400 x 450 200 97 458.55  
1500 x 450 216 97 472.24  
1800 x 450 259 97 519.73  
1500 x 500 266 117 721.91  
1800 x 500 320 117 776.84  
  Please see below for extras and additions  

Combination twin coil hot water cylinder (with combined cold water header tank)

1425 x 400 120 97 461.23  
1535 x 400 135 97 477.51  
1635 x 400 147 97 478.95  
1735 x 400 160 97 481.50  
1835 x 400 172 97 484.24  
1385 x 450 144 97 471.22  
1535 x 450 168 97 483.87  
1635 x 450 184 97 506.33  
1735 x 450 200 97 528.49  
1835 x 450 216 97 541.14  
1795 x 500 264 97 624.30  
  Please see below for extras and additions  


Triple coil domestic water cylinders

For multicoil vented cylinders please see below and/or please call

Extras and additions (please add where appropriate to prices above) inc VAT
Immersion Heater  
Cylinder boss included if required, Immersion heater additional extra 32.00 ea
Standard foam insulation (approx 50mm) exceeding Part L heat loss Included
Upgrade insulation to 75mm thickness 68.00
Upgrade insulation to 100mm thickness 132.00
Cylinder connections  
Drain valve (drain cock) 7.50
High recovery boiler coil (improves cylinder reheat time given sufficient input) 45.00
Power shower take-off 17.50
Secondary return 12.00
Compression fittings (instead of male or female bosses) 12.00
For cylinder with gravity coil (for AGA, Rayburn, Woodburner etc) click here
Configuring the position of connections (please refer to guide) No additional cost

Additional Coils (heat exchangers) for triple coil and multicoil cylinders

Additional Boiler Coil 66.00
Additional Solar Coil 144.00
Additional Immersion Heater Boss 18.00
Supplementary cost for manufacture with more than 3 coils 48.00
For other modifications please don't hesitate to ask  

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